Sunday, July 29, 2007

My Nokia Charger!

I am sitting at my study table facing my laptop, when someone knocks at my door. I open my door.
"Do you have Nokia charger?" asked the person standing on the other side of the door.
"Yeah. Sure" I said and removed the charger from the plug point and offered it to him. He took it.
"This is my room", he said and indicated to the room adjacent to mine.
This reminded me of my days in GHEB when many of my neighbours there asked me for the 'nokia charger'. Somani, Bhanukiran, Kapil often came for the charger... I don't try to boast about helping others by lending them my nokia charger but just observing things! Observing how people forget to look after minute things in life. We either loose things or their services, i.e., they get damaged.
Similar thing happened to me during summer vacations this year. During the second half of the June, all of a sudden one day the blue light at the corner of the laptop wouldn't glow, showing that my charger won't charge anymore... it was something sudden, and before that day, I had not imagined my life without laptop battery, i.e., without laptop with out of charge batteries!!
We take things for granted. Rather we should at least take care while using/handling those things. My laptop charger got burnt because of my own carelessness. I didn't care to bother about the sparking of it's plug.
As Dr Marathe rightly says, "Respect low technology"!