Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Traffic in Mind

I stand at the divider every morning for at least 5 minutes before I am able to break through the heavy traffic flow between me and my office. Traffic doesn't allow me to reach my destination. It delays me, it raises my stress levels and maybe even harm me when I try to cut through without enough room for myself to walk on to the other side safely.

While I sit at my desk in office, my mind feels like that road outside being run over by umpteen thoughts of various shapes, sizes, color etc. racing at various speeds. In fact even while commuting in auto to office or while having food in office catetaria or at home, basically when I'm not working or reading something, my mind is filled with these thoughts coming from and running around in every direction. And the directions seem infinite. Amidst all this, my mind feels clogged and unable to think, remember and make good decisions. Its like this traffic doesn't allow me to look clearly to the other side (the problem or situation), brings out my emotions when I try to cross it and delays my progress.

Sometimes in serious situations, I scold myself, focus on the gaps between this traffic of thoughts, i.e., the road (gaps of silence between every thought) and create a wider gap for myself. When this gap is wide enough, I'll run across. With practice I'll gain greater understanding of life and better control of my mind and emotions, and very soon I'm sure I'll be able to stop this traffic at will and casually walk by. And with the newly gained perpetual peace of mind, I'll live a happier and more fulfiling life.

Thursday, July 05, 2012


People ask me, what's your hobby?
I say, I am a blogger. The moment they hear the word 'blogger', I can sense the restlessness in them to change the topic! A blogger! OMG !! Its like they've stepped on a dynamite.... now he'll ask me to read his blog... now he'll talk about his blog... what do i do, what do I DO?
If you're a painter, a person can decide by looking at it in one glance if its good or not so good, if you're a musician/singer, then a few minutes can be spared... but if you're a writer, a blogger in particular, you feel like a threat! I share my link on facebook and wait... I jump at any notification I get, and get disappointed when its not about my blog. Sometimes you feel so desperate you want to hold that person's head, press his nose to the computer screen and scream at him... READ THIS NOW !!! :D

I feel confused when someone liked the previous blogpost, commented on it, and no response to this one... why?! Its both been written by me! Remember, you liked that one? Why not this one? Tell me why! :P

Reading can be quite time consuming and quite an effort. I myself don't read many blogs. I generally read those shared by my friends. When I visit someone's blog, its usually through some shared link of their blogpost that I liked. I read up most of their blogs, comment on some and most probably don't return to that blog again, because there are just too many blogs!
I feel guilty that even though I write sometimes I barely read. But its never easy to go through different blogs. One should have bookmarked few blogs to read/follow on a regular basis. Reading different blogs for me is like reading different people's minds and such varied thoughts can be heavy on the mind! Add to it the decor of their blog that sets the mood or upsets it. Sometimes its hard to read a good article in a distractive/bad decor and sometimes good decor can make reading crap a pleasure.

Almost all of us who live online have a blog. Its a good way to express oneself and share ideas or vent out frustrations knowing that even if one doesn't get any comments/likes on the blog, the blogposts are out there for people to read and someone would have already and if not, would read it sometime soon in the future. With so many expectations, intentional or otherwise, when someone posts a blog article, people generally don't write anything that may hurt the writer. This seems to be an unknown understanding amongst us, the citizens of internet. Its always better to be silent than to speak ill of someone for no good reason.
And if you're the ones who think they're smart enough, you'd write few general comments for someone's post, like "good post. I liked it. keep writing. Good idea" etc. and then leave link to your blogpost. And you have one more reader.