Saturday, April 28, 2007

My Dreams Part I

"... I sat facing her on the other side of the table, as we had our lunch. I couldn't stop looking at her while eating. As she looked at me, she smiled and I couldn't stop thinking how beautiful she was. After lunch, we went out strolling. The weather was perfect, cloudy and cool. I felt like kissing her. I had my hand on her shoulders as we walked together, and suddenly I stopped and looked at her, this time in her eyes..... and I found myself sitting in exam hall, trying hard to complete my exam. Suddenly I heard the exam bell. I take my exam paper with me to write my exam at home. It was a sunny morning. I saw myself writing exam in my room, in the playground, even among the sages of olden times, while they read all the vedas. I wrote the whole day and it took me whole day to complete the exam. Finally at 9 at night I went and submitted the paper. As I stood in the empty corridor near my classroom, I heard a faint sound. I slowly walked towards the source of noise, cautious of any further noise or disturbance, my heart beating hard against my chest. I saw a fat mouse suddenly come out of a dark corner, with great speed, and I gave a loud shriek!!"

Suddenly I woke up on my bed in my room in GHEB Room No. 48. That last incident in my dream shook me and woke me up! It made my adrenaline rise high! I actually was shaken.... anyways, sleeping for me have always been going on such exciting adventures, if you can call them so. I love each and every part of my experience while I sleep. My sleep time dreams are far more exciting than my real life events... perhaps that's what makes a good balance !! :)
It is said that dreams come to those whose brains are still working while they are resting... and my brain is the most confused and tensed brain of the world. Also, I like imagining weird things! So all my fears, all my incomplete ambitions, wierd imagination... mix up and make a string of interesting events as my night dreams...!!! And I love them!!
For instance, in the dream mentioned at the start of this post, the part where I am writing my exam for the whole day shows my fear of not been able to complete an exam, when attempted ( and it had actually happened sometime in the past!! I left 40 marks Hindi exam in 6th standard and got 56 out of 100! Good score but bad attempt! ). The first part of the dream which has been told, is better left unexplained... and the last one was the proof of my fear of darkness when I was a small child!!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Exam days chatterings

It was the eve of our first end semester exam and Kapil suddenly walked into my room, disturbing the peaceful atmosphere, asking, "Hey Abhishek, did you understand what Prof. has taught in this topic?" Atul ( my roommate), as usual interrupted, "Looks like Kapil is all set to get an A in the course". After this followed a series of 'not so good' words and finally Kapil started with his story of the day (I have named it), "FYI, I've been sleeping in my room since the last two hours, didn't study anything", adds some more 'not so good' words and tries his best to convince Atul that he hardly knows anything and needs to study a lot. Meanwhile I close my ears with my fingers and try hard to concentrate on the book on my lap.
As if the noise and commotion was not enough, I saw Somani's legs entering my room. I raise my head from the book and look at him, while he still smiles as usual. He then speaks, trying harder than Kapil to prove in his own special way that he has not studied much and tries to pursue Atul to teach him. He says, "Teach me Atul, or else I'll fail! (though he never fails! :D)". And then Atul and Ajay start arguing amongst themselves and start taunting and teasing each other, along with using 'not so good' words. Kapil leaves the room immediately (sensible guy).
After five minutes of struggle with the external noise and disturbance, I finally give up and leave my room, and go to Bhanu's room, and ask him some of my doubts. "This is not correct, Abhishek. Every time on the day before the exam, you come to me and ask me this and ask me that." Bhanu who speaks this in frustration due to his lack of preparation, nevertheless tells me some things and asks me to come later. When I returned to my room, I saw Kapil watching a movie on my laptop, with Akshay accompanying him. On the other side of the room, on the other bed, I saw Somani, sitting in a relaxed manner watching Atul play pac-man.
As a result of such disturbances and my last day preparation for exams, I am often the last one to sleep in my wing in my hostel. To buy more time to study, I even reach the exam hall 10 minutes late (as a personal rule!). And then when I face the exam paper ....

After taking the exam, as usual, I walked towards my room, quietly cursing myself. On my way, I try to avoid talking to anyone. Post exam discussions make me nervous and I don't like it. This is the only time I like the fact that Telugu speaking people discuss the exam questions in Telugu, as I can not understand any of it. But as a matter of fact, I do overhear a few conversations now and then. Kapil, in his usual manner starts telling the mistakes he did during the exam (as if anyone is interested in it!), again trying to convince that he is the person who has suffered the most while taking that exam. Atul, though also tells his mistakes but in a more sober manner. Somani goes to an extreme saying his exam performance was disgusting and he won't get an 'A' in that particular course!! Bhanu, looks at me and asks, "How did you write your exam?" and without waiting for a reply or thinking, answers his own question, "I know you always do well in your exam."
Sometimes I wish Bhanu was right. That way I wouldn't have still been a 7 pointer.