Wednesday, July 06, 2011

What makes you feel happy

One of my friends gave me this questionnaire one day which had this question: What makes you feel happy?
I replied to him with the filled questionnaire after a week only because I really had to think about this question. I know what makes me laugh, what makes me smile, what delights me, what excites me but I believe happiness is something beyond all this, something grander.

The answer was so simple, being at home makes me happy! But then what if I didn't have a home. Would/Should that take away my happiness? Now a days I live away from home, does that mean I am not or can't be happy? This argument was good enough to compel me to think a little more.

If he had asked me this question few years ago I would probably had said, "dude, if Microsoft hires me I'd be really happy!" Microsoft didn't hire me, so can I never be happy?!

My definition of happiness has been changing over the years but after reading his question, I had to find a way to at least convince myself that there are some things in life that are or which can provide perennial source of happiness. Instead of specific reasons I started searching for general reasons, common things that happen in life. And then it struck me... I always like when someone comes and talks to me, I always enjoy sharing my ideas or opinions with others, I really feel connected with the other person during the face to face conversation. So I replied, "A good conversation". Most of my conversations have been good.

What makes you feel happy?!


bhawna handa said...

simple,yet effective,as always...:)
and yes,as far as our conversations r concerned,dey surely r GOOD,and dey make me feel HAPPY!!! :)

Abhishek said...

@Bhawna: You comment warms up my heart. :P
Thanks !! :)

Atul Dwivedi said...

I'm happy all the time..very less time i'm sad :D

Abhishek said...

@Atul: That's awesome man !! :) :) Keep it up. :) Be you!

Sairam said...

Somebody has said (I don't know who it is)

Happiness can't be pursued. It ensues.

When you try for something and get you do feel happy but only till you set your eyes on the next goal.

But there are somethings which will always give us happiness like talking with friends.

Good post.

Abhishek said...

@Sriram: I agree with the statement.
Thanks Sriram! Keep visiting. :)

SUB said...

great post...i am happy most of my life...but if you ask me what makes me happiest...i guess i have to say, i am still searching...

subtlescribbler said...

well according to me...restricting urself to a particular thing can never make u 'truly' happy...happiness for me is best described by this quote 'happiness is wen what u do, what u say and u feel are in harmony' :))


Real_Abhishek_sainani said...

Nice .. and would like to add 'Happiness depends on you and not in the circumstances'

Do I need to reveal my identity? said...

I detest commenting on ur ugly posts.
But sometimes I feel compelled to comment on ur post.
I thank to God that I did not ask you - "What makes you happy?"
Cuz I know after asking that I would have become sad for sure.
I donno what makes me happy but staying away from you keeps me happy. :)

supriya kapila said...

Being at peace..inside and out. That would equate to happiness I think.

quark_shredder said...

My idiots frnds like you and my family what keeps me happy :)


Awesome :)