Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wikileaks and the Whistle Blower

The Wikileaks are all over the news. People are talking about it, its a sensation, something that has never happened before. But it has now. Does that mean this was the right time for it to happen? Is any time right for leaking confidential government information?
Suppose a person who doesn't know about surgery is shown a team of surgeons performing operation on a person. This person may freak out looking at the blood covered organs and flesh, thinking they're killing that person, while in reality they're trying to save that person. They may or may not succeed but they're trying. Wikileaks is showing such a person the confidential transactions that haven't reached a consensus or conclusion and may be ambiguous. It is a surgical operation that has been exposed to the wise and the otherwise people and it may have unexpected repercussions. Yes, damage might be done, but how honest has the US government, or for that matter, any government ever be? The bigger question, does a government have to be transparent to people who may not understand the situation, or some secrecy keep the situation in control and things running smoothly?
The only saving grace is that wikileaks has been well organized and information is being released in a well planned manner. The whistle blower has successfully shown the finger to the US government even if the government is able to curb the whole wikileaks thing completely at this moment. And now the whistle blower will pay the price, and his punishment is being decided, about which the authorities are still undecided.
The most crucial question we must ask ourselves now is that why has secrecy or deception become such a crucial component for smooth functioning of anything these days? Is it because technology makes it easier to keep track of people, events, information flow that some things have to be deliberately hidden or are we growing more paranoid and distrustful every passing day?
The US government has been keeping tabs on everything that's going on in the world, they want to be a part of everything! Why do they have to be such a control freak? They play their "white man's burden" game with fine subtlety that many don't notice. I hope the whistle blower has taught them a lesson that being self-proclaimed leaders of the world, they should know better and be more transparent. So much for diplomacy!

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Facebook comment

Abhishek is delighted to see her comment on his facebook status. He promptly replies to her comment. Little conversation happens, pleasantries are exchanged, ending in Abhishek's comment to which he expects her reply. He waits in anticipation, switching to the facebook tab every few minutes. After a few hours, at 4 am, he realizes she won't reply.
"Ah, screw it! I should have known better. I mean, why do I behave this way? Why should I expect a comment from her? Okay, she responded to few of my comments, but that's common courtesy, right?" Taking a deep breath, "Alright, from now on, I won't behave like an ass and waste my time on these silly online conversations."

Next morning, he gives himself the same peptalk. He opens facebook first thing, due to habit.
He sees her comment below his comment from previous night. Few comments are exchanged, ending in Abhishek's comment to which he expects her reply. He waits in anticipation...