Saturday, April 20, 2013

Silent Night

It is past 11 PM. Most of the people have gone to bed, most of the lights in the neighborhood has been turned off. In this semi-darkness ambiance, I walk out into my dark terrace and stand at the fence. I enjoy doing this every night after dinner.
Silent night has certain calming effect if you allow it in.

While standing in the darkness at my terrace, surrounded by few other buildings, I stretch my neck upwards and look at the small part of the sky that is visible to me. I see the moon at the far end, and the stars around it. Sometimes I just keep looking at the moon and realize why moon makes sky look so beautiful. And as a poet would have said to his lover, "the way the moon makes sky so much more beautiful, you, my love, make my life so much more beautiful."

Sometimes I walk out of my apartment and on to the dark street. I casually stroll around, taking in the stillness of the night and calming down, feeling relaxed within. I hear the sounds in the silence of the night, an occasional barking of dogs, or honking of horns demanding the watchman to open the gate. I feel the sudden movement of the gentle cool breeze, breaking the monotonicity and stillness of the night. I feel relaxed looking at the deserted roads lighted in parts by the streetlights, at the closed shops that was doing business till even an hour ago, the blinking yellow traffic light that meant I didn't have to wait for it to turn red to cross the road. The world seems to have stopped for a moment so I feel that I can also stop running, stop thinking, stop worrying for a while.