Friday, July 30, 2010

Right and Wrong

As bizarre as it may seem, with the increase in my age and wisdom, it has become more difficult to separate right from wrong, good from bad.
As a kid, one follows a certain set of rules, or guidelines that defines goodness or righteousness. As one grows old and one's vision broadens (if one keeps an open mind), then one can observe the layers of truth often hidden to a kid's vision. And further one delves into the truth, more difficulty increases in classifying something as right or wrong.
One can see this as a classification problem! Sometimes, dealing with many or all the parameters of truth makes our brain, the classifier, give an output after a lot of processing, but as a child, one deals with only a few parameters which makes it easy to classify good from bad, right from wrong.

Monday, July 19, 2010

It sucks, right?

Friend: Here, have this toffee, mango flavor.
Me: Nah, no thanks!
Friend breaks it into half and offers the half to me. I take it on his insistence. I put it into my mouth.
The moment I get its taste:
Friend: It sucks, right?