Saturday, March 31, 2012

Finally it rained

I was sitting on my chair, trying to read. However hard I tried, after reading few lines I dozed off! And few seconds later when I opened my eyes and saw the article in front of me on my laptop screen, I tried to recollect, hey where was I, then started from the next paragraph, skipping the remaining of the previous one.
It was a cloudy saturday evening. As I lay there, slouched, I felt the pleasant smell of the rains. If only it rained, I had been wondering this from so many weeks now. I found myself staring at the article on my laptop's screen. Even though I sat in an awkward position, I again started to recollect where I'd left reading. I am not the person who relents! As I dozed off again, I felt the gentle petrichor again, that blissful smell of earth when it quenches its thirst. A thought crossed my mind: Was it raining in my dreams?
I gently opened my eyes and saw the dark screen of my laptop. Damn, the electricity cuts! My laptop had hibernated. With nothing left to motivate me to doze off, I just sat there when I felt the petrichor, this time it felt real, stronger. I looked out of the open window in my room, and saw some raindrops falling against the dark windows of the neighboring building.
I only smiled to express my delight. It is when a strong whiff of petrichor hit me again that I suddenly got up from my chair, walked out of my room and in the terrace. I spread my palms out to feel the water drops and welcome the rain.
Finally it rained!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Nothing else matters

Tonight while lying on my bed I was listening to a miscellaneous playlist when my laptop suddenly started playing Nothing Else Matters by Metallica. It triggered memories of those bygone college days'. In the 1st year, sitting in the computer lab, with top quality tension on the last night of assignment submission was the first thing I remembered. Next thing I remembered was looking at my friends chatting in hostel corridors, coffee shop or strolling the college roads late at night. Late night movies, late night gaming, going out to drink etc. were things very integral to college life that I couldn't get myself to do!
In those days I was just too afraid to leave my books and have fun. Earlier this song used to put me off. How can nothing else matter? Of course it matters! I used to think.
Now when the singer in this song kept repeating, 'Nothing Else Matters', I finally understand what he meant. Nothing else matters, my friends, nothing else except the kind of life you want to live.
Life is too short to be afraid, hesitate, hate or contemplate for too long. There isn't enough time. Take that dive, while you still can, while you're still alive.

It was in 3rd year I stopped caring. I gave up my struggle and viola! My life changed. I suddenly fit in. I made more friends, got better grades, played late night computer LAN games (counter strike, age of empires, tekken etc.) and participated in late night chat sessions.

One of my closest friends and my roommate in college days used to sing this song, Nothing Else Matters with a lot of passion in 2nd year. Those days I didn't care much for music, or for that matter anything! Now while I listen to this song, in my mind I can see him sing this song. He'll soon be going to US to pursue his masters in music. I will definitely miss him and our music sessions. Earlier I got irritated when he sang but now I appreciate it. He is pursuing his dream of becoming his musician. He always knew, and now I also know, Nothing else matters.

All the competition I felt with others, all the differences I think I had with others, all the fear I had of others, all that feels so silly now. I now understand two important things about life: first, you don't have to fit in or be the best all the time. Just be sure of the life you want to live. Destiny plays an important role in one's life. However, you can mold your destiny to change the course of your life and reach your destination. Nothing is stronger than one's will power. Second, never miss an opportunity to make a friend. Nothing else matters.