Saturday, March 31, 2012

Finally it rained

I was sitting on my chair, trying to read. However hard I tried, after reading few lines I dozed off! And few seconds later when I opened my eyes and saw the article in front of me on my laptop screen, I tried to recollect, hey where was I, then started from the next paragraph, skipping the remaining of the previous one.
It was a cloudy saturday evening. As I lay there, slouched, I felt the pleasant smell of the rains. If only it rained, I had been wondering this from so many weeks now. I found myself staring at the article on my laptop's screen. Even though I sat in an awkward position, I again started to recollect where I'd left reading. I am not the person who relents! As I dozed off again, I felt the gentle petrichor again, that blissful smell of earth when it quenches its thirst. A thought crossed my mind: Was it raining in my dreams?
I gently opened my eyes and saw the dark screen of my laptop. Damn, the electricity cuts! My laptop had hibernated. With nothing left to motivate me to doze off, I just sat there when I felt the petrichor, this time it felt real, stronger. I looked out of the open window in my room, and saw some raindrops falling against the dark windows of the neighboring building.
I only smiled to express my delight. It is when a strong whiff of petrichor hit me again that I suddenly got up from my chair, walked out of my room and in the terrace. I spread my palms out to feel the water drops and welcome the rain.
Finally it rained!


Raja said...

Rain is a symbol for dullness. Why do you love rain ??

Anonymous said...

:) :) ! I like Rain too
Rain is how you are -- vibrant and super