Sunday, April 22, 2012


Laser has always fascinated me. A light source that can cut through metals! We use various light sources at our house, then what makes Laser so powerful? It is highly stimulated emission of photons, yes, but more importantly, it is highly focused! All high energy photons shot in one direction at the same time! It goes fast, it goes far and it makes an impact!

Success befriends those who are highly stimulated and focus all their efforts and energies in that one direction, without compromise. Each step counts, each day can make a difference. When you're working towards success, be a laser. Cut through the obstacles, ignore everything else, look only at your goal, and waste no time. You'll go fast, you'll go far and you will make an impact.

Still waiting? C'mon, go on. Shoot, Now!


Raja said...

good.. hope your actions are as powerful as your words :)

Anonymous said...

Motivating post!! :)

Anonymous said...

Much needed.

Thank you, Abhishek

Akshay Saad said...

Nice post :)

ganesh said...

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