Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Balancing Act

I try to emulate a rope walker as I often try to walk on the edge of the pavement, on that thin strip colored black and white alternately. I have to focus, pay much attention just to keep my balance. Maybe with some practice I may have to pay less attention but it does demand attention, unlike walking on the road. Eventually either I fall off, or just step down because it becomes boring after some time.

My experience on the edge of the pavement made me realize that even life is a balancing act. All our efforts might seem towards fulfiling one's ambitions or striving for a more comfortable life, but eventually the quality of life can only be measured by how balanced one's life is. For example, one day I decided to join the league of physically fit people, so I go out for jogging, followed by intense gymming, and after an hour my limbs ache, my back ache and after an hour after that, I doze off because of body ache. Taking too much on oneself is a bad way of living, be it physically, mentally or emotionally.

Pat yourself on the back at the end of a well balanced day. I feel a well balanced life may be something like this: Morning exercise or recreation, breakfast, few hours of sincere work at your workplace, good/fun conversations at lunch with your friends/colleagues, few hours of sincere work at your workplace, an hour or more of recreational activity, good/fun conversation/activity at dinner, and sleeping before 00:00.

Yes, we all want to live a balanced life: be healthy, be successful at our profession, have a great social life, have good relationship with people, have one or more hobbies and practice them on a regular basis etc. and much more. But can you really fit everything in every single day? If you can, kudos to you! But after sometime you'd get fed up of it and make changes, which is understandable. Same routine everyday does help one be more productive and do more things in a given amount of time but it can be stifling sometimes. That is why people take a break once in a while.

Monday, February 13, 2012

My Valentine's Day Story

Hi! I couldn't help notice that you're looking at me, no, staring at me. Or is it that chocolate shop behind me that you're looking at? Waiting for someone?

After 5 minutes.
Would you please stop staring at me! Yeah I know you were not, but I'm bored, so I was just pulling your leg! My apologies!
Lets suppose you have been staring at me, intrigued by my sitting alone at my table for last 20 minutes. Well, I'm waiting for a friend. You might ask, a female friend? and I'd say, Yeah!
Now now, don't get silly ideas in your head! I'm not on a date. Just a lunch with a friend.

After 2 minutes.
Alright alright, since you've been so patiently staring at me with utmost commitment, I'll let you in a little secret. You guessed it right, I am on a date! But she doesn't know that she's on a date as well.
Ssshhhh... don't tell her, ok?! :D

After 30 seconds.
Okay now, this is getting ridiculous, why isn't she coming?! I've been waiting for half an hour already!! People have no value for time these days! Ridiculous!

After 5 seconds. Giggling!
Actually, I came half an hour early, and now I'm blaming her for not being on time! Its so much fun blaming others, and getting angry on them! I've never done that to anyone. Ah, never mind.

After 10 seconds of awkward silence.
Listen, I like you. My "date" might come anytime now, and I don't want to give you any wrong impression about myself, ok? So I'll tell you the truth, ok? Are you ready to handle the truth?
Alright, brace yourself my friend, because this might shake the very foundation of what you call... love!
Bah, I'm kidding. So, hey listen, when I was in high school, I liked this girl a lot. She was the prom queen, if we had prom night in Indian schools, but we didn't. Anyways, she was perfect. But I could never tell her about my feelings so now I would never know what could have been. But she did piqued my interest towards this thing which people call "love". I've been reading and watching and observing love stories and lovers. I've also written few love stories which many have liked it and congratulated me on my fresh perspective towards love. So,... haw! You Yawned! Yes you Yawned! Now don't hide your mouth, you yawned... you're bored of my story. :(

After 10 seconds.
So, I've decided to make as many female friends as possible. I want to understand women. How they think, how they perceive love, how they make decisions. Its very important my friend. Different women give me different characters for my stories. Its as if I'm God, writing my male friend and my female friend's love story, both of whom might be married separately and living happily their own lives.
Too complicated for that little head of yours, eh?
Remember this, even if you're not a writer, one day you'd fall in love with a girl. And I want you to befriend her, and when you feel you know her enough, express your feelings. You heard me buddy?
Its the man with courage who stays in the game,
others just keep whining over the same.
Hey, hey what happened?! Don't cry now! Little champ, Please! PLEASE !! SSShhhh... ok, ok, I won't talk about girls.

He presses the baby's mouth with his hand. Baby was going to sneeze and not cry. So, some mucous from baby's nose falls on his index finger and a bit reaches his middle finger. With a frown, he wipes it with the baby's shirt.

Turns back to see Natasha smiling at him.
Hey Natasha, you're here!
Yeah!! Expecting someone else? Awww... so cute! Your baby?! :P
She sits on her knees and starts interacting with the kid in her girly way.

NO! Not that I don't like this kid. We had a good conversation, didn't we, little champ!
Anyways, there's this lady who is a Toastmaster, Mrs. Juneja. We met last year at Orations. Never mind the details, she asked me if I could take care of her little champ! She apparently forgot the credit card at her home. I could have paid but she wouldn't listen.
She looks up at him.

Ah, of course! Always so generous!
Koi shak?! (any doubt?!) (in Suniel Shetty style).

Both giggle.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Love and Bicycle ride

Being in love with you is like riding a bicycle. The first time I see you in your natural glory, interacting with someone (looking at the bicycle in the showroom or at a friend's house), I meet you through someone, the experience is enthralling (riding a bicycle while someone holds it from behind). I slowly muster the courage to talk to you; I choose my words and take care that you have a good time (slowly riding the bicycle and immediately keeping the feet on the ground in case of imbalance). I hold your hand and walk with you (feel my grip on the handle while slowly riding). I then try to get closer to you, understand you, celebrate occasions together (racing with friends, riding without holding the handle, riding on one wheel etc.). Slowly I may start taking you for granted, become egoistic and selfish (neglecting proper maintenance, trying different stunts and speed limits).
One day I may lose balance and fall, and it will hurt. But I know that next time I'll again walk up to you and bring you back into my life (start riding with those wounded knees even though it hurt a little but it feels good).
In time, you'll become a part of me and wherever you'd be, I'll always love you (one always remembers how to ride a bicycle after one learns).