Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Love and Bicycle ride

Being in love with you is like riding a bicycle. The first time I see you in your natural glory, interacting with someone (looking at the bicycle in the showroom or at a friend's house), I meet you through someone, the experience is enthralling (riding a bicycle while someone holds it from behind). I slowly muster the courage to talk to you; I choose my words and take care that you have a good time (slowly riding the bicycle and immediately keeping the feet on the ground in case of imbalance). I hold your hand and walk with you (feel my grip on the handle while slowly riding). I then try to get closer to you, understand you, celebrate occasions together (racing with friends, riding without holding the handle, riding on one wheel etc.). Slowly I may start taking you for granted, become egoistic and selfish (neglecting proper maintenance, trying different stunts and speed limits).
One day I may lose balance and fall, and it will hurt. But I know that next time I'll again walk up to you and bring you back into my life (start riding with those wounded knees even though it hurt a little but it feels good).
In time, you'll become a part of me and wherever you'd be, I'll always love you (one always remembers how to ride a bicycle after one learns).


Raja said...

Creative and sweet.

Princess Poo said...

Now thats an awesome comparison.
Its so true and so sweet.
Nicely written.

Fantastic work :).

Anonymous said...

:) Nice one Abhishek!
Liked the pic that complements thw rite

Upasana said...

Thats one sweet and different comparison!

Anonymous said...

grt work...i dint knw u were so creative n gud writer...impressive i like it;)

Anonymous said...

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Awesome :) one