Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Balancing Act

I try to emulate a rope walker as I often try to walk on the edge of the pavement, on that thin strip colored black and white alternately. I have to focus, pay much attention just to keep my balance. Maybe with some practice I may have to pay less attention but it does demand attention, unlike walking on the road. Eventually either I fall off, or just step down because it becomes boring after some time.

My experience on the edge of the pavement made me realize that even life is a balancing act. All our efforts might seem towards fulfiling one's ambitions or striving for a more comfortable life, but eventually the quality of life can only be measured by how balanced one's life is. For example, one day I decided to join the league of physically fit people, so I go out for jogging, followed by intense gymming, and after an hour my limbs ache, my back ache and after an hour after that, I doze off because of body ache. Taking too much on oneself is a bad way of living, be it physically, mentally or emotionally.

Pat yourself on the back at the end of a well balanced day. I feel a well balanced life may be something like this: Morning exercise or recreation, breakfast, few hours of sincere work at your workplace, good/fun conversations at lunch with your friends/colleagues, few hours of sincere work at your workplace, an hour or more of recreational activity, good/fun conversation/activity at dinner, and sleeping before 00:00.

Yes, we all want to live a balanced life: be healthy, be successful at our profession, have a great social life, have good relationship with people, have one or more hobbies and practice them on a regular basis etc. and much more. But can you really fit everything in every single day? If you can, kudos to you! But after sometime you'd get fed up of it and make changes, which is understandable. Same routine everyday does help one be more productive and do more things in a given amount of time but it can be stifling sometimes. That is why people take a break once in a while.


Anonymous said...

:D Well said, Abhishek !
Really liked the way it started

Anonymous said...

I just want to second Nivedita here. :)