Friday, June 20, 2008

OBH Ground Floor (GF) Mess

At present, OBH GF caterers are on a 15 days trial period. OBH GF mess is perhaps the only mess in which I can have all the three meals everyday. The reason is simple, the menu of the present caterers suits me. They make two kinds of cooked vegetables (sabzi) and of course there's daal (pulses), chaawal (rice) and roti (chapatti). Even if one of the vegetables turns out to be the one I never eat, I eat the other one, and never has it happened that both the vegetable dishes have been something that I never eat. In other messes, vegetable dishes like kaddu, lauki, tomato, bitter-gaurd etc. are made, which not many students have, on a more frequent basis than OBH GF.
A common thing pointed out by many students here, and I have heard my batchmates say this a lot, especially about OBH GF mess, that Rotis are not made good in OBH GF mess. I eat both lunch and dinner in that mess and I can say that not always are the rotis badly prepared. In fact, something interesting that I have also observed is that people would rather have good roti and daal than having a not so good, but a healthy roti nonetheless, and daal and a variety of sabzi (well, of course curd and lassi, in case of Yuktahaar, are always there, but not for me because I never have them!).
Excessive oil in vegetable dishes or puris is also something that becomes an issue. I agree that sometimes food becomes too oily, but those cases are not as frequent as we believe they are. In fact, oil adds to the taste of the food... isn't food in canteen oily? Why do people have food there?
In conclusion, I like food where menu suits me, else I don't have food, unless it is a very critical situation (like taking anti-biotics, or starvation for half a day!)
Things like tomato, curd, lassi etc. which I can not consume at all, I call them 'foreign particles' and I don't eat them because I can't tolerate their taste, and this condition I call 'taste allergy'.


Anonymous said...

Are you talking to yourself ?

Anonymous said...

yeah seems like he is

Bhanukiran said...

Bhai looks like the OBH GF people will be pleased to know abt their new found fan . Write on something else pal

Pankaj said...

writing on OBH mess???????? Dude.... is everything ok?? :D