Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I never used it until few days ago, actually never wanted to use it. Its like putting all your eggs in one basket. Wallet is convenient but if its lost, a lot is lost; identity card, cash, somebody's photo etc.
Why people continue to keep wallet in their back pocket, an area easily pickable. Front pockets could also carry the wallet.
How do people find comfort sitting with one butt on the wallet?! No wonder their wallets are thinner than mine, even though I hardly carry any cash.

P.S. - I keep my wallet in front pocket of my trousers.
P.S. - Wallet does have lots of pockets in it, like a shrunken version of a women's purse, to contain almost everything minus the makeup stuff.

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Ghost Runner said...

thats why folks who wear suits tuck it in their suit ...generally a longer but thinner wallet

guess you have to wait some years to reach a top level and hence reach that state of comfort ;) (the suit i mean) :D