Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Episode 4: She talked to me

Before starting the next episode:
Thank you Rahul and Sushanta, for discussion on name of characters.
Thank you Rahul, for discussion on character sketch.
Thank you Srirang for removing some unnecessary parts in the conversation and some valuable suggestions...

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Yawning heavily sitting on my bed after a long day, I write my diary entry.
Unlike Metallica and Linkin Park playing in my i-pod, today I play "Pehli baar mohabbat". It feels so right.
While recalling my conversation with Natasha, in the library, I remember that moment of anticipation when I take that note from her, and rest of the experience.

She returned the note to me, in the same nonchalant manner. It read:

Hi! I'm Parth (with an open palm gesture)! We're batchmates, just not in the same section.

ok, So?!

Well, I didn't know what to reply! Nonetheless I scribbled back, after about a minute.

That's quite an interesting book you're reading!

Honestly, I had no idea which book she was reading! :D :P
This worked I guess, because she smiled and promptly replied.

Maths! Really?!
You seem to be doing some intense work... not planning to sleep today here, are you?

I read the note, and smiled back. Deadline for my assignment was approaching, and she seemed to be starting a conversation. I had to choose...

Well, if I sleep, I know you'd wake me up! :-)

Wasn't it obvious I'd continue the conversation! :-)

Don't be too sure of that!

Wow, you write fast, and your writing is... legible! :D
So, do you go out anytime?

She didn't reply for a few minutes. I waited, trying to look busy to her by doing my assignment.


I started to reply but realized that the sheet had filled. I tore another sheet from my copy. I could see her looking at the copy while I was tearing the page.

After a few minutes:



Are you game for an ice-cream?

Not really!

And she resumed her study. And I thought girls like ice-creams! :-(
Since she ended the chat, the sheets stayed with me. I slipped it into my notebook.

While leaving the library, I felt a tap on my shoulder. Natasha was standing behind me, clutching her bag on her shoulder.

"Are you still game for an ice-cream?" She asked.

After finishing my diary entry, just when I close my eyes to sleep, I get an e-mail alert on my mobile.

Take a combined tutorial for first years' on all the different data types in C.

Prof. R. G. V.

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Shikha said...

Happy ending?!! :D

djranga said...


Rocky Balboa said...

send someone else to take the tutorial :)

Rahooool said...

Good! Ignore the email alert. It's not an SMS; how will the prof know you've enabled alerts on you mobile? :)

@nks said...

where did u go for an ice cream... coffee shop ?? or till Indira Nagar ?? ;)

Paradox said...

nice... keep going :-)

smiling face said...

Good Job Mr Scientist.I liked the line "and your writing is... legible". Another Chetan Bhagat in making. Wanna have ur Autograph in advance.

~keep Rocking.

Atul Dwivedi said...

simple n sweet ending :)

Ninja said...

Now the post doesn't seems like fiction which you claimed earlier..
Daal mein kuch kaala hai guru :D ..

Abhishek said...

This is not the end... wait, I should have written, "to be continued..." :D
@Rahooool: He has enabled e-mail alerts for e-mails from important e-mail ids. :-)
@@nks: Haven't thought about it yet. :D
Thank you all for your love and praises!! :-)
And thank you, Sushanta aka smiling face. :)

sainath said...

Nice going yar,
now it feels a bit thrilling.

Divyendu said...

Very well written and quite engaging....keep up buddy :-)

Alok said...

good...accha hai..expeting some spicy stuff in the next episode ;)

nitin said...

nice one ... Work on Alok's Idea :P :P

arjun said...

hey!! buddy nice story, engaging and thrilling, is it real ? ;)

ojas said...

it s awesome , u are evolving as a writer :) and I must say you are doing good :D

shashank said...

Scientist, Is it the end?

Abhishek said...

This is not the end of the story, end of the season maybe! :-)

Abhi said...

Hey u nailed this un. Guess a script writer in the making haan.