Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Take a break: Technology Matrix

I have 32 tabs opened in Chrome, I am listening to UK Top 40 singles in my VLC playlist, I am connected to about 30 people at the moment through gtalk, some person is downloading something from my PC through Strong DC++ at this moment.
These days we try to pack our day with work (which we must do), fun (which we do to relax and enjoy life), socializing (meeting new people, mostly for the purpose of increasing our contacts list!) etc.
"Comforts" may be the reason for all the advancements in technology, but the hidden agenda, as I see it, is challenging the supremacy of time. From ENIAC to iPhone, it has all been consistent and hard efforts put by many of the best brains in the world. Better quality, faster processing, many things packed into a device that can sit on one's palm, all this and much more. We get a lot more work done in lesser time, yet spend most of the rest of the time using these technologies, be it for entertainment or communication. We forward stupid chain e-mails, write silly SMSs to each other, chat online for hours instead of meeting even once a week! We fill all the time saved due to these wonderful technologies using these technologies only! We, indeed, are in a matrix world and we don't even realize it.

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