Sunday, June 03, 2012

What's my Passion?

Many people I spoke to, in the last one week indicated me indirectly, "dude, follow your passion".
I've been avoiding confrontation with the idea of following one's passion for many years now. And I've come to believe that this might be the reason for my underperformance in almost every activity I do, be it my BTech, MS, or some work at office. Unlike others who clearly know what they're passionate about, I am not so sure about myself.

Initially I thought I was passionate about writing but then I didn't write on a regular basis. Moreover, watching movies / TV shows and Facebooking seemed to take higher priority. Upon further investigation I realized that maybe I was too stressed out about my underperformance in my studies and later job that I could not get myself to start writing in most of the cases. But whenever I've just sat and wrote, it certainly felt wonderful, and looking at the finished piece of poem or story, or an article makes me feel like I'd achieved something after a long time.
During childhood, I've always been interested in every subject, but when I chose non-medical in 11th, I knew that although I enjoy the implications of the laws and equations, I wasn't interested in solving challenging problems using those concepts, unlike many of my friends who'd enjoy spending hours on the problem. I thought it was a waste of my time! I thought, watching TV was a better investment.
I have been interested in Dramatics, public speaking, music and I've fair share of experience as an amateur in them. I enjoy doing them, as a hobby, but I can't call them my passion because my life will still be fine without them.
I'm 24 years old now, quite old to have already made up my mind about this. And while I write this, I still wonder what my passion is. One of my friends went to LA to do masters in music. Another friend of mine is working on his startup. Yet another one has successfully started her own publishing house.
Sometimes I wonder if I'm really scared to find my passion. I feel I'll find out about it and then because I feel safe being in IT, I will ignore it or at best pursue it as a hobby. Now I realize how tough it is for people to pursue their passion when its different direction from their regular life/profession. Walking down an unknown path with no guarantee but just a belief that one day the passion will turn into success.

BTW I'm still searching for my passion, if anybody finds it, please let me know. :)


Simply हर्ष ツ said...

Ditto... almost verbatim ditto...
our friends are common too ... remember!! :D

Well, I don't see it yet, but THERE HAS TO BE A REASON... there JUST HAS TO... and there is always BALANCE in the world... Reason maybe complicated to understand... but reason will exist!

Adithya Kalyan C S said...

From what I learnt in my life, Laziness can never be a passion. One has to remove it from one's life to understand the passion.

Ramesh said...

PassIOn or I Pass On - an anagram. You will know you have become passionate when you feel no more pain or stress in what you doing and "happy/saisifed/content" when the world around you changes because of your passion (Pass I On). Inner and outer changes happen automatically. Passion at most part is like poison as well, until you reach a certain stage of maturity. My few paise...

Destination Infinity said...

Till an age of 27, I thought I had no passions too. I was not involved in any activity that seemed to tell me that I was made for it. But then I discovered blogging. Everything changed within a short time.

You will also discover your passion in due time, but the choice of whether to pursue it or not is a difficult one. There are no easy answers. In my case, I had no other option but to go for it. But there are plus and minus points with both pursuing and not pursuing your passion.

Destination Infinity