Saturday, March 30, 2013

Cheque it out

What I like about a Cheque is that you can crumble it or tear it into pieces and throw it away in anger but the actual amount/money is not lost... one can't really dare to do that with a note or a Demand Draft !! :P
This property of a cheque has often been exploited in movies where the hero tears off the cheque given to him by the heroine's father as a price to stay out of her life, and he says with style, "Nahi chaahiye aapke paise, main aapki beti se pyaar karta hon, aapke paiso se nahi !!" (English: I don't need your money, I love your daughter, not your money."
No wonder the heroine's father never offers cash or Demand Draft to the hero !! :P
In my case the cheque given to me by my father was kept by me with utmost care until I didn't know this unique property of cheque...
Now a cheque with sign of the account holder but without the amount, also called the blank cheque has also been used in movies a lot, but something I never got from my father!
Ironically, the heroine's father who hates the hero is ready to give a blank cheque to him but my father who loves me dearly never did that. Ironical!

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Anonymous said...

Hehe..Fall in love with a rich girl :P