Monday, February 10, 2014

Room Cleaning Campaign

Dirty room (Check)
Floor, table, closets, travel bags covered with lots of dust that gives me asthma (Check)
Bed covered with books, laptop, dirty clothes, bedsheet (Check)
Covered my nose and mouth with a handkerchief (Check)
Music (Check)
Broom (Check)
Let the room cleaning begin !!

I stood there at my door, scanning at my room, wondering where to begin, which part of my room demanded my immediate attention, where should I go first, to the nearest one or the dirtiest one... these questions kept me standing there for a few minutes, until I realized that I was feeling tired. I took off the handkerchief from my face, took a deep breath of air from outside my dirty room and went and sat down on my bed. As soon as my bum hit the bed, something hit my bum. It was my Natraj pencil sharpener. I took it as a sign from God to start my Room Cleaning Campaign from the bed!
I covered my nose and mouth with my handkerchief once again, determined to free my room of all the dust and garbage that had been living in my room uninvited for many weeks now. I covered my nose and mouth not to hide my face in shame because cleaning one's own room is not shame, its quite a recreational activity for me. You can immediately see the result of your venture, which is very satisfying. After collecting all that dust that had been sprawling around and getting rid of all the wrappers, and unwanted stuff that are either broken and not being used anymore, one feels a sense of happiness when looking at and staying in one's room.
This makes me wonder, why don't I get my room cleaned by the house keeping staff, on a regular basis? But then how would I get to enjoy hunting down these things till the last speck of dust in my room is identified and thrown out.
I get busy with my broom, slowly collecting all the dust and wrappers and hair and other stuffs, from under the bed, table, edges of the floor and walls, and even the cobwebs from the roof and the window sill. It is quite a workout for my arm and wrist. Like a warrior I wield my broom (read: sword) and vanquish (read: collect) my enemies (read: dust and garbage). I like to be thorough and until my sweeping doesn't change the appearance of the floor, I keep sweeping !!
Suddenly I felt this sudden blocking in my throat and I coughed out...
OMG the dust is attacking back !! Its triggering heaviness in my breathing, I feel choked !! I fastened the handkerchief and with few quick sweeps got rid of most of the dust. Hastily I walk out and few steps away from my room, open my handkerchief, take a deep breath of relatively cleaner and dust free air, and cough out. I see few people walking nearby give me a cursory glance after hearing me cough. With tears in my eyes, I sniff, glad to be able to breathe normally again, and walk back to the door of my room and look in.
Not bad, I think. Now to clear the clutter on the study table and change of bedsheet, which has earned its right to take a break and get washed, after having served me for almost a month now... even a govt. employee get a Sunday every week.

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