Thursday, April 30, 2015

Honesty is tough but makes life easier

Its tough to be honest. To be able to say someone on their face that they're wrong. To be able to say someone on their face that you care about them, or you're sorry or you love them. To be able to pursue your dream against all odds. To be able to do the right thing, to do what you believe in, against all odds. Honesty is tough. I could never be honest. Where I couldn't lie, I remained silent or smiled. I never wanted to escalate the conflict and turn it really ugly so I submitted everytime. And because of that I've been reduced to a mediocre person in every aspect, professionally, socially, personally, emotionally. I just exist. I stopped living the day I stopped expressing myself honestly.
I've had some friends who've been completely honest with themselves and about themselves. I used to wonder how can they be so honest! But then their honesty guided them in their life and they may or may not have chosen the conventional path to success but now they're all doing very well in their respective lives. I could never be that honest with others or with myself. The day I'll achieve that I know I've succeeded in life.

Following are the things I'll say on a daily basis, to begin with, to help me stay honest:
1. "I love you", to my father, mother and sister.
2. "I really cherish and feel grateful for your presence in my life" to all my friends.
3. "I like you. Would you like to go out with me?" to the girls I've liked in schools, college and in office.
4. "I admit I was wrong. I made the same mistake, again! I'm sorry. I'll not repeat it." to my parents, sister, friends or anyone else should such a situation arise.
5. "May I help you?" to a stranger that could clearly use some help.
6. "I can do it." to myself, everytime I cower down and step back when the going gets tough.

Watching the stark contrast in my honest friends' lives and mine, I've understood that Honesty may be tough, but sooner or later it makes other things easier.

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Sucheta Patil said...

Honesty comes at a price. You might not be able to fathom what you have to sacrifice for it. Yes, you feel guilt-free, but thats one side of the story.
The other side of it is only pain that you have to endure.