Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Patriotic movies during Republic week

This has been a patriotic week for me. I watched the following three totally different kinds of patriotic movies. Interestingly all there were about significant transformation in the character of the protagonist(s). Apart from details on Wikipedia and IMDB, I'd like to share few of my thoughts on them:

1. Lakshya:
(Watched on Saturday, 23rd Jan 2016)
This movie is about a college kid looking for 'lakshya' in his life. He finally finds his lakshya in winning back his country's land taken over through deceit by Pakistani army. So this movie is about protecting one's country from outside invasion.

2. Rang De Basanti:
(Watched on Sunday, 24rd Jan 2016)
This movie is about a group of college kids who're just drifting with time, aimlessly. But a personal tragedy agitates their soul and their conscience awakens and they decide to bring the truth to light. So this movie is about protecting our country from corrupt officials within our country.

3. Airlift:
(Watched on Tuesday, 26th Jan 2016, India's Republic Day!)
This movie is about a shrewd businessman who's only parameter for success in life is profits. However, forced by circumstances he identifies his humane side and helps rescue lakhs of Indians from a war torn zone. So this movie is about protecting our people outside our country.

Such diversity in flavors of patriotism was purely coincidental (first two movies were available in my sister's hard disk drive who'd come home this weekend). And Airlift had released last weekend.
My only desire is that all lessons learned and emotions felt while watching these movies stay with me and I realize my responsibility towards my family, friends and my countrymen.

Fun fact: All actors in three movies form mutually exclusive set.

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ArchanaC Kapoor said...

Love all three.
Thanks for sharing...

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