Sunday, February 21, 2016

Why we shouldn't make movies like Neerja

She really didn’t have to do it. But she did. She led her team to comfort the passengers, and at the right time initiated their evacuation. At one point of time, she even convinces the hijacker of her intentions by this simple statement: “I am just doing my duty, just like you’re doing your duty.” I salute her, for rarely such acts of bravery happen and rarer are the instances that they’re noticed.
What I really admired about Neerja is that she continued to do her duty while she was playing the role of head air-hostess, even in dire situation. At that time she didn’t bargain for lives of Indians (I mean, come on, nationalism is the in-thing these days isn’t it!), instead she tried to saved the Americans that were the main target of hijackers. Was she anti-national because of this?! OMG !! A movie on an anti-national person who was even awarded Ashoka Chakra, highest bravery award for a civilian!! That wasn’t my thought but isn’t that how the mob thinks these days?
A 23 year old girl keeps the hijackers stalled and negotiates with them at every step. Will our so called “leaders”, with years, even decades of experience in people management, have the guts to do this, or will they wait for “help” to arrive? Our brigade of politicians, business tycoons and other powerful and wealthy people must hang their head in shame, for rarely someone from this “prestigious” lot does something brave or worth inspiring.
Fine, what she did was great, she was a great person, but was it worth making a movie on? Yes, so that we learn about such people and their courage under fire. But nothing changes, does it? Nope. I watched movie, shed few tears then came back home, “liked” the movie on Facebook, added an update praising the movie and performances, and went on with my life (which includes believing and arguing on every bullshit posted on social media).
Making a movie on her is an embarrassment to her. And to all the other brave people who do their duty and fight against any wrongdoing, because we are all well aware of what happens in the end. In India, they either die (are killed) or are posted. We don’t care. We just want a reason to get angry at someone, hate someone and blame someone.
That reminds me, have to rush back to Facebook, got a new notification, must be about that JNU student’s case. I’m fighting for him and supporting him by arguing with others who want him punished. My efforts will not go in vain. My hours of toil on Facebook will certainly get him justice and get the culprits the punishment they deserve!

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