Thursday, August 17, 2006

The hunt continues ........

Since one year, I've been on a random hunt. Not hunt in real sense but still something of that kind.
It all started after coming to IIIT, Hyderabad.
Since my father is an officer in the Indian Army, so we don't live for more than a few years in one place. This in turn means new place, new people, new friends and of course old friends left behind! :(
Though such things happen in life, but not so frequently.
Before coming to IIIT, Hyderabad, I hardly used computers or internet, but since last year i've been learning new things, and in a way new methods to find old friends who use internet!!
The best source for me till now has been Orkut. Though last year I hardly came in touch with a few old friends and the only people in my friends list were my friends of IIIT(they were not even 100 !!). But during the last 4 months, i've been able to find many, seriously (count increases to 180) !! And even they found me on orkut. Thus I saw the real power of internet and orkut...!!
I earlier used the search option available in the menu bar quite leisurely but it came in handy. And when I found some, I joined the community of my old schools and some other communities which also helped me in this venture.
I made a list of names of all my old friends I could recall and the so had some 30-35 names. Yes I was quite determined to hunt them out from wherever they are. But my limitation was orkut itself. Google search was not helpful, it couldn't give me their e-mail id or any other means of contacting them (though I actually found a friend through google search, though it's because he has a website, his own tutorials on data structures, C++ and has made a few projects on VB and VC++).
I hope the others, whom I've not been able to find till now, realize the importance of Internet and Orkut, so that we might meet again. It's just a challenge for me to meet them again, in which they can decide my success.
I'm just doing this to see how many of them still recognize me!(kind of crazy,I know), but almost all recognize me, so it's a happy situation.
To come in contact with a person after many years becomes more interesting because time brings in a lot of changes in that person though only superficially. The person as a person is just the same as he/she was. Even our perception towards life changes during that period of time.

Confidential :-- In the past 3 days I send friend request in orkut to 10 of my old friends (Non-IIITians) by using the search option in the menu bar.

"The hunt still goes on....."


Atul Dwivedi said...

Good to see u in blogspot..Scientist ..
Good start ...
yes Orkut is gr8 source to find friends and their mail ID , We have others like , .

Kaean said...

orkut crisly rocks dude! cheers!

Karan said...

orkut crisly rocks dude! cheers!

Abhishek said...

Good to see u in blogspot..Scientist ..
Good start ...
yes Orkut is gr8 source to find friends and their mail ID , We have others like , .