Monday, March 26, 2007

Long Distance...

This is the most confidencial thing I'm writing. Please do forget everything you read after you have read it! :D
I donno if I've ever felt or realised what it is to love someone ( romantic love ), but I have liked someone and it has come closer to this feeling sometimes, I suppose.
A few weeks ago, one evening, I called her, and that was the last time I called her. I was fully determined to talk to her and tell her the truth that i'm crazy about her. But something unexpected happened.
I was really sure that she didn't have any boyfriend. The only thing that I was not sure of, was myself. So, I called her and used my story i'd given her to read, as an excuse for the call. So I said,
"Hi, it's Abhishek."
"Hi!" she said in her usual jolly and sweet manner. "Long time!"
"Yeah! Long time. Long time since we last talked. So, what are you doing these days?"
"Well nothing actually. I am at my home and i'm enjoying my two days holiday, with today being the first day."
"Ok. By the way, did you read my story?"
"Was this the reason you called me? No, i've not yet read it. It's been a long time since i've checked my mails on the internet."
"Is it urgent?"
"No, not at all" I interrupted her speech.
After a few seconds of silence,
"Aaahmmm... this might sound silly, but can I ask you a question?"
"Ok." a brief pause, and then I blurted out, "Do you have a boyfriend?"
A few seconds of silence, then, "Well..." and she was about to say something. Before she said anything, a thought crossed my mind and I expected to hear a "No". Instead the reverse happened.
"yes I do have a boyfriend" she said, and my mind froze. I had mixed feelings, a feeling of freedom, along with a feeling of losing something. I could still hear what she was saying, "but Abhishek, we have rather kept it a secret and not told anyone about it. You know all the rumors and hype talks and all those stuff..."
"I understand." What else I could say?
I talked for a few more minutes and then... I ran out of balance in my mobile!! :D

Though after that I've never called her again, never felt crazy about her again, but still in my mind, I wish I was with her, I wish I was her boyfriend rather than someone else. I still respect her, she is an excellent girl and i'd like to hear her voice again... maybe someday when i'd collect all my patience to go to "Indiranagar" (3 kms from my college, IIIT-H, where I live in a hostel), i'd get my mobile recharged and talk to her once again!


Prateek G V said...

Scientist from when did you start looking into love? :D

Rahooool said...

You made me sad. I can understand how can it be; although, I have never been in a similar situation. waise, there's always a second time. Eventually you'll find your true love, and true love's kiss.

The optimist from utopia said...

aah.. lovely post! :D

PS: BTW I am a keen reader of your love story series. Good job with that as well.. but loved this one.. very sincere! :D

Abhishek said...

@Prateek G V: Since my birth! :D
@Rahooool: I hope to! :)
@The Optimist: Thank you. :)