Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Times spent with you.

Grateful for all the times spent with you,
it had a great feeling.
Thankful for all the time you'd been by my side,
it had a special feeling.
It makes me happy, it makes me smile,
to see you, to hear your voice.
When with you, I feel nothing can go wrong,
you give me energy, make me feel strong.

Now all I want to do is, hold your hand and hug you deep,
and to have you in my life as well as in my dreamy sleep.


Anonymous said...

Nice one!
Short and Understandable.

Harsimran Kapoor said...

its short. u could write longer. the romanticism is lovely, tho.
keep writing.

MoHiT said...

awesome poem..........keep writing such poems..:)