Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Humans, SuperHumans and God

I have a theory. I believe that human are capable of gaining supernatural qualities, which has been agreed upon by a lot of experts ! So it's nothing new.
We need only learn the way the nature works. By nature, I mean everything around us, the forces, energy fields etc. We even exert gravitational force on distant stars, but stars are too big to show any change.
I think some part of nature's laws/rules are encoded in our DNA, which is the instruction book of how we should function and behave etc. and our limitations and capabilities which we naturally seem to develop. The fact is that, if by genetical engineering, the instructions could be changed to make a big difference, then a lot can be done.

Telekinesis: If a person learns to control the force (gravity mainly) exerted by the molecules of his body, he can exert gravity or electrostatic forces or similar force to a distant object's molecules and make it move ! Code of DNA might have to be altered, though some people have achieved it on the basis of their power of concentration and meditation alone !

Flight: Like in telekinesis, if a person could create repulsive force, he/she could fly and if attractive force then he/she could fall back on ground, simple !

Mind Reading: The impulses and neurons in our brain traveling may be emitting some waves out of our brain, which if captured and converted into suitable form, the thoughts of that person can be studied. So, if I emit some waves and you seem to have trained your brain to catch those signals/waves and understand those waves then you could possibly read what's going on in my mind. Changing coding in DNA might help.

Time Traveling: Here DNA tempering has to be done ! The instructions might be changed and it'd be encoded/written that there exist more than 3 dimensions that we seem to perceive naturally. Time is one of those hidden dimension. If we learn to recognize time as any other dimension, then we can walk through time faster than other, both back and forth. The idea of slipstream is not clear to me, though.

Spontaneous Regeneration: Regenerative power of cells stronger than ordinary species, again to be encoded in DNA.

Moving through solids: To control your body's molecules so as to exert forces that would weaken the internal forces of solid so as to provide you a free pass through it. DNA coding required I guess.

Super Strength: Creating anti-gravity for lifting objects easily. To break/destroy other objects, tightening the intermolecular forces within one's body and weakening the intermolecular forces in the other bodies to be broken/destroyed.

X-Ray Vision: Ability to look through the gaps of the molecules of opaque objects like walls, other persons etc.

Power Absorption: Simply emulating what the superhuman do to make his/her powers work. Here the trick is that the molecules in the person learns about the other superhuman's molecules so that this person can also do things like that other superhuman.

Locating Distant Person: The impulses of neurons or waves emitted by our brain could propagate the message to other neighboring molecules so that the molecules which would be closer to the person to be located would recognize the person using the pattern of the face of the person who's image is in the mind of the superhuman, and the message of his/her location can be propagated back to the superhuman.

Controlling electronic stuffs: Propagating messages to the electronics/atoms by the electronic impulses of the brain.

Invisibility: Light which reflects back from a surface tells about that surface. If the surface from which light reflects back could change the way light reflects back so that it looks as if no object exists. Now if light doesn't reflect back, then the object is like a black hole. If light directly passes through an opaque object without reflecting back, then that opaque object becomes invisible. This could be done by allowing passage to light through the tiny spaces between the molecules/atoms of the object.

I believe in the theory of evolution and that man evolved from monkeys etc. Now when men lived close to nature and other creatures, then he could understand the laws of nature better and hence could use that knowledge to control things around him/her. If he/she absolutely learnt about nature and became efficient to take control of nature's activities, then they became God/Goddesses.
Sadly we can't be God/Goddess because we are too much into our own lives to recognize nature's laws and gain the knowledge.

In conclusion, this cosmos is a system and we are only mere creatures who live because favorable conditions for sustainment of life exists. If we absolutely understand this system, we can rule it else we end like any other creature who does what's encoded in its DNA and perishes one day.

P.S. The movie Matrix gives a very nice analogy of our world, that is, nothing is true but we are only made to believe that. If we could free our mind from the conventional thinking and think out of the box, then lots of new things that exist would come to light.


Bhanukiran said...

Now sainu u know what it takes to be God! so i guess ur the only potential homo sapien to become god now :D .Seriously speaking a post with a lot of food for thought ,i never thought that all these supernatural abilities could be perceived in this manner.

Waise thode samaj nahin aaye but the hearing one was good, encoding waves :O

U really are a scientist bhai

Harsimran Kapoor said...

kya re..jyaada samaj ho gayi..hum nasamajh kya karenge..
but on a serious tone, all i can say is "u got a point there"
keep posting!
gud one!

mythalez said...

seems like someone's watching a lot of 'Heroes' lately
if not .. u better start watching it ... immediately :P

Abhishek said...

@bhanukiran and harsimran: Thanks fo r your comments :)

@Mythalez: I guess you are a student of IIIT-H, but I think we have never met.
I have watched all the episodes of Heroes.
The idea which i presented in my post originated when I was in 11th class, and have been thinking on it since then. :)

mythalez said...

u sure we never met?
Does the name Ramachandra ring a bell? :P
and btw, the idea of being able to control the molecules is tough coz the lowest functional unit in our bodies is the cell, which is made up of several molecules .. so this greater unit controlling its constituent units doesnt seem plausible :)

atul said...

I support your theory scientist .. you hv put very good point with good scientific way .. !!
It's all about DNA .. everything is inside us only .. !!

Btw best post every .. enjoy [:)]

Abhishek said...

@Atul: Thanks for supporting me !

@mythalez: Cells are themselves made of molecules and atoms so I thought of going to the level of entities capable of independent existence.
Mythalez doesn't ring any bell, but Ramachandra does. I'm glad to know that you know me! :)
I realized who you were after going through your blogroll and then IIIT-Blogroll.
Recently a T.V. show named Kyle XY started on ABC channel. It deals with an extraordinary teenager Kyle who can control his mind and body to do extraordinary things. My thoughts are similar to those.
So, how's life as a PhD student?

mohit said...

its awesome...........u had given explainantion for everything amzing that happens in heroes

Prateek G V said...

Interesting to read. Nice thinking.
I always had this weird feeling in my mind that the DNA structure could be altered in such a way that some day we all might no longer be completely dependent on food. Instead we get charged by the sun rays and in the absence of sun rays we eat our regular food.

Anonymous said...

much as i'd like all this to be true. i've thought about it too.. in most of these "super-powers" what is required is not just DNA manipulation but changing the total structure and integrity of not only our own body cells but also the surrounding environment.
take the example of telekinesis... by no amount of manipulation of just our DNA code can we think of modding the environment in such a way as to transfer 'force' and to convert it from purely psychic to mechanical.
i'm not saying.. it's impossible.. i'm just saying.. changing the DNA structure.. doesn't seem like the best way of going about the problem.