Sunday, February 03, 2008

Future Prediction Paradox !

Suppose that you could predict the future.
If you could see your future, then you may or may not want to have that future.
If you do, then you'll follow the path that leads to that future, depriving yourself of choices to be made in life as the path to the future is decided. But then since you've already chosen the future that you want, making any further choices makes no sense till you reach that future.
If you don't, then you'd not follow the path that leads to that future and will follow an alternate path to reach an alternate future, hence making choices on the way. But in this case, since the predicted future is not the same as the future that you'd be living in, your prediction is wrong !

What say?

P.S. I'm totally confused about the whole thing !

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Bhanukiran said...

me 2 man confused after reading this for sure ?? but one thing is toh true i dont wanna se my future rite now let it happen the way it should :)