Friday, April 25, 2008

The way I'd like to meet the special one

1. In a total random situation:
Total filmy way! (except the one about saving her from the bad guys... do you think I'd be able to fight?!) Maybe during some dance class, cooking class or maybe piano lessons I'd meet her... she might be a student or an instructor, or maybe my activity partner. Lots of possibilities...

2. In a plane or train etc.:
Another filmy way and a subset of the above one! But I still find the idea quite exciting and interesting. The whole journey would just be awesome!
It need not be plane, it could be a bus, a cruise, a train or walking maybe! (Yeah, and waiting for a lift on the roadside.)

3. Meeting an old friend after many years in a totally unexpected way:
Say I go somewhere, say to some function, or marriage (I don't like marriage functions) or some other place (grocery store!) and she's also there and suddenly she calls me by my first name and I'm surprised at hearing that voice.
Even better, I see her first and call her. She'd be surprised that some unknown familiar voice calling her, and then I'd say, "Hey, its me!".

4. An old friend or acquaintance and I stay in same city and are strangers to that place, our only interest in staying there being our profession. So, we hang out together and roam around together. It'd be interesting to start that memorable journey through time.

5. Involved in same project or same activity (social cause, maybe!) and working on it together.

6. My good friend's sister or my sister's good friend.

7. The common friend thing:
We are introduced to each other by a common friend!

They are ranked by the priority order.
Note that I have left out a few other possible ways like, oh wait, yeah this one'd be good too.

8. She's flattered by my work in my profession (my research or something else, maybe story, if I write another one!, or maybe my blog! Who knows?!).

Yeah, some of the cases have been left like "" thing and Oh wait... another one!

9. The girl next door!

Now I guess the numbering are not according to priority order. I think i've covered almost all the cases! (except and dating sites stuffs)
But whatever be the way, I think they're all exciting and worth it... and I'm sure my life will fit into one of these models in near future.

wait a min... the boss-secretary thing?
too filmy... leave that! Offices are workplace dude...

P.S. If you think there are other cases which could be as cool as the ones I've listed you're most welcome to include them in or as comments!
P.S. This idea just struck me and I wrote this post, no particular reason whatsoever.
P.S. The common feature all the scenarios have is the fact that she and I would be interacting a lot with each other.


Prateek G V said...

cool post mate!
seems like you have done good research work in this area. here is my addition to the above list "have you met sainani?" :P

keep blogging

Anonymous said...

nice :)

nauty said...

Hey you might be with her since long and realized it only some day that she is the "special one".

anupama said...

You have penned down every possibility to meet a girl.
Hope you meet "the one" soon!