Monday, May 26, 2008

IPL Twenty20

I have been watching IPL Twenty20 everyday for last four days (much to my surprise) and have started liking it a lot. Smaller faster matches, higher average runrate, unpredictable fall of wickets and of course, higher no. of sixes etc. make it much more interesting than 50-50 ODIs. Lately I've been watching all the matches of Mumbai Indians as my family supports Mumbai Indians. Unfortunately Mumbai Indians lost all the matches I watched! :( And all the matches were lost during the last over, due to some outstanding performance by the other side or some mistake done by the Mumbai Indians. Today's loss of Mumbai Indians to Rajasthan Royals has especially been sad, as Mumbai Indians were in a very good position to win but lost in the last ball.
It seems unlikely that Mumbai Indians would make it to the semi-finals. But whatever it has been, I really liked the last moment twists in the match.

P.S. - My sister has changed her loyalties from Mumbai Indians to Rajasthan Royals after today's match!
P.S. - Twenty20 version of the game is enjoying much larger audience than 50-50 ODIs and Test Cricket.
P.S. - Things are shrinking in every sense and every way... be it electronic stuffs, or cricket matches. lol.

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