Friday, August 15, 2008

Drowsing on Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day to all the Indians. I feel bad that I could not attend the Independence Day celebration in my college as I woke up quite late in the morning... missed the sweets distribution... speeches are boring... flag hoisting, accompanied by singing of the national anthem is the best part, people standing in attention, no movement, leaving all the other work they're doing, for the respect of the National Anthem. It is a moment of national unity... I am not much of a patriotic myself but people singing National Anthem (or for that matter "saare jahaan se accha") triggers my patriotic instincts!
Alas, today was one of the most uneventful days of my life. To start with, today I slept at 4 am, after watching Hellboy II - the Golden Army and reading all about the Hellboy in general. After occasionally waking up for a few seconds every few hours, I finally woke up and looked at my wristwatch - '11:20 am' and started counting the no. of hours I had been drowsing. This happens almost every morning. Worse happened when I slept after having lunch. I sat in front of my laptop to read news articles and ... I woke up in front of my laptop, didn't even come to know when I had dozed off.
Next time I was woken up by one of my friends living in Noida. We used to be neighbors when we lived in Bhopal some 8 years ago. He had given me a call on gtalk. The ringing sound made me raise my head from my crossed arms on which it rested. I was surprised but I accepted the call. After initial bunch of confusing and mixed up sound from an electric guitar, I heard a familiar music, ah yes it reminded me of morning school assembly... it was the National Anthem. It sounded so wonderful on an electric guitar, with the usual effects of rock music.
Rest of the day also I kept on sleeping on the chair in front of the laptop. Finally I woke up at 6:40 pm (precisely!) and went to wash my face. I promised myself, yet once again, that I will make it a habit to wake up by 7:30 every morning.
For now, no more sleeping for the day!

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yaar even i want to listen to that national anthems being played on electric guitar......