Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Please don't curse anyone.

Today at the dinner table in OBH-GF mess, one of my friends asked me a favor. He asked me to get him "kheer" in a glass. I might have got that for him, but for some reason I thought that he could have got the kheer for himself. Little did I know the implication of my action.
He took it to heart (i.e., he took it seriously) and cursed me. :(
Now a curse is as bad as your belief in it. A curse might be dismissed as a form of superstition by many so called "educated" or "progressive" people, but I believe in the power of curse. And personally I have witnessed the menace of curse.
I don't know how bad will my friend's curse affect me. The power of curse depends on how strongly the person feels about the curse, while cursing. Since we are a part of cosmos, we also have a small part of its energy and we also have the power to influence things around us. Blessing and cursing are some of the unseen forces that can affect the recipient's life manifoldly. All this might sound kiddish and absurd, but trust me, it happens. Most of the time we don't notice it and dismiss the bad happening as a part of life. But sometimes its not just the part of life, it's an aftermath of a curse, a silent curse perhaps.
Curse is like an e-mail, once you have pressed the "send" button, the e-mail can't be prevented from reaching the other person's mail account. (disconnecting the internet is not applicable in this case :P)
So, please don't curse anyone. Use your wisdom. Sometimes, why should a small mistake pay a heavy price of devastating curse!

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