Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Static electricity

I walked towards my lab, extended my hand to hold the handle on the door and as my fingers touched the rim of the handle, I felt slight tingling shock and I pulled back my hand. Then carefully, I touched the handle with tip of my finger, ready to pull back my finger in case I felt the shock again!
This has been happening to me for a month now. It has happened so much and so frequently that when I didn't receive that shock today, I felt a bit disappointed. I extended my hand with same consciousness and touched it, expecting to receive a tingling shock but all I felt was a slightly cold handle of a door. Seems hard to believe that I learned to enjoy the shock!
Initially I did give few laughs to others in the lab when instead of touching the handle with my hand, I first brushed it with my t-shirt or my bag or a book or something else available with me. Few times when someone touched my t-shirt from behind or brushed against it, they did feel the static electricity and I too felt it, a faint clicking kind of sound...
Strangely, I experience the static electricity phenomena only in the lab in which I work!
P.S. Someone told me that his neighbour (also a student) when he was in Kota, used to practice some Chinese martial arts and hence could collect some amount of energy like static electricity in his hands... quite fascinating! But the guy had to stop practicing the art for safety of himself and people around him!


Anonymous said...

w.r.t martial arts and static eelctricity :

my dear pal ! congrats! You have mastered the art of "ki" at a very young age and activated your spiritual chakra :P You are on your way to becoming a Zen master :D

ps: lol

Abhishek said...

@GhostRunner: Oh, have I? (khushi ke aansu, tears of joy!) wow! :D
Zen master... yeah I can feel it in myself. :D

friend said...

This static electricity, I feel almost everyday from the day steel tables were introduced in IIIT mess. Now I am out of IIIT but still I carry those electrons.

I don't know about others, but I had never felt anything like that before coming to IIIT. May be home, we use more wood and cotton in our daily uses instead of plastic and metal.

Devansh Mittal said...

I like reading your blogs. They have a kind of innocence, simplicity and honesty.
I liked the line "that when I didn't receive that shock today, I felt a bit disappointed" :)

Keep writing :)