Friday, May 08, 2009

Looking at a watch

Occasionally, a passerby has asked me for the time. Quite often such a passerby has been a laborer or a person who doesn't have a watch, be it for financial reasons or lack of ability to read the time.
This reminded me of those days when I was a kid and didn't have a wrist-watch. I did have many wrist watches at different times but they stopped working within few months so I developed a belief that a wrist watch doesn't last long. Then one day in 10th class, I saw a titan watch on one of my tuition-mate's wrist. It looked good and I asked him about it. He said the watch has been serving him for last 2 years. I was quite impressed and decided to own such a wrist-watch. I then realized that the previous wrist-watches I had owned were kid's watches and had lesser lifetime.
As a kid, I had the watch showing time as numbers, i.e., the digital watch. It was quite convenient. I don't remember when I learned to read the time but it must have been in 1st or 2nd class. Presently I don't think I'll be comfortable enough reading time from a digital watch as I have got used to the minute hand and hour hand aligned with each other at an angle, and the seconds hand ticking.
I also remember twisting and tilting my head in the direction of the face of the wrist watch of a person near me, to know the time, rather than asking him/her. :D
A common prank which everyone must be aware of, can be played on the less attentive ones. Ask a person for time who is holding his drink in the same hand as his wrist-watch. The less attentive one won't take care of the drink and directly twist his arm to look at the time.
A watch/clock is indeed one of the complex instruments and time one of the essential need for our existence.
P.S. - Could asking for time be a good way of starting a conversation? Take out your watch, hide it in your pocket, approach a pretty gal/handsome guy and ask for the time. :D


@nks said...

i miss my watch ... can't seem to find it since 2 weeks ... :(

btw ... that asking time technique does work some times ... if u r lucky and other person is interested in u .. or dumb ... :D

Abhishek said...

@@nks: Think of where you kept your watch the last time you saw it (silly suggestion of course!) :D
I do hope you find your watch though! :)