Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Keep the change

Not having the exact amount of cash can be a problem at times. For people commuting in buses, 7-seaters etc., cash in form of 10 Rs. notes or coins of lower denomination becomes a necessity.
The times when I've gone out for lunch/dinner with friends, the one in the group with "change" pays for commuting, or one keeping track of the expenses pays for everyone in bulk.
One is often left in awkward situation when one takes out a Rs. 100 note for paying Rs. 10 or Rs. 15, and the rickshaw driver or bus conductor says, Chutte nahi hai saab.
Change is also required to pay a beggar who comes across you, or you come across the beggar, whose condition reminds you of doing good for humanity.
How could one pay to the beggar when one only has cash in form of Rs. 100 notes?
Well, in such situation, one prefers to lie, saying, Chutte nahi hai, or indicate at the pockets or shake hands in air indicating that there's no reserve cash for that beggar.
Today, as on many occasions, none of us had change while coming back from 4-seasons after having dinner. So, few of us dug deep into their wallets, searching for every coin that one could find. Yes, we were successful in paying for the 7-seater ride.
So, always remember, keep the change before going out!

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