Monday, March 30, 2009

Pondering over nature of love!

Love is something that we feel, something that binds people together emotionally. Well, of course explaining what love "feels" like would be difficult. Either I use some reference or some adjectives. Talking scientifically, love is also like another feeling like fear, lust, sadness etc., a complex bio-chemical reaction. So, if love is a biochemical reaction then producing the same biochemical reaction should be able to produce the feeling of love, is not it?
As a kid, while watching movies, I learnt that a guy who can fight, who can kick some ass, is the guy with whom the pretty lady likes to be with. Of course, the same thing as swayamvar in our Hindu Mythology in which everyone showcases their talents and compete for the beautiful princess.
Later, when I grew up and entered my teenage, I still watched movies, and the movies also changed in quality and style. Now, the guy who is financially stable or well off is the one with whom the pretty lady likes to be with. The guy may or may not be a macho man.
A few years ago I saw the truth. I saw that being physically or financially strong is secondary, but being a good guy is the primary requirement. Initially it may happen that the pretty lady may prefer the former two cases, but sooner or later, she would select the good guy.
It is only little less than a couple of years ago that I realized that it is neither of the three cases that matter. A person falls in love with someone for no justifiable reason, it "just" happens. Two people fall in love, they like to be with each other, they just 'click'. Sometimes it could be because of similar interests but that's just the initiation part, and sometimes its two completely different kind of people with nothing in common.
And a few weeks ago I realized that no matter who you are, there's always at least one person in this world who will fall in love with you and there's always at least one person you'll fall in love with, if the two of you meet. It is said that couples are decided in heaven, or as said in movies, "Everyone has a soulmate".
Love is something that just happens, something that has puzzled and amazed greatest minds of every era and something that's the best thing God or Nature has given us.


Ghost Runner said...

Hmm .. a little wee bit crazily cheesy post :P

Anyway now to reality ..

Generally people start off with your conclusion and end with one of your 3 reasons.

But you like a typical film hero (hehe) went the other way round in your thinking. Nice ! So now ...

Who is the girl huh ? :D
(on the flip side read this which i guess expands your inference ;)..

@nks said...

why only pretty lady ... normal looking gals don't have right to choose guys for them eh ?? :->

Abhishek said...

@GhostRunner: There is no girl. :)
@@nks: "pretty" from my perspective and due to influence of movies which have pretty gals!! :) of course any gal has the right to, and many a times does exercise this right to choose guys. :D