Tuesday, March 03, 2009


I look at the open sky,
spread over me in embrace,
I feel the soft touch of the breeze,
brush against me in affection,
I hear the symphony of birds,
singing to me with a smile,
Life all this while
had been a drunkard's game,
you changed its course,
no more does it feel the same,

I see your signature,
everywhere, all around me,
I feel you're here,
right beside me.


aniket said...

As I'd said earlier, you're getting better with every poem. This is probably your best work yet, after 'The time of our lives'.

Let go of rhyme now, for good and keep delighting us with these delicacies of yours.

And you held your own and didn't change the expression 'drunkard's game'. Good for you. Probably there is some meaning there which you see and I don't. A little bit of ambiguity never did harm a soft, simple poem like this anyways!

Great going, again :)

Abhishek said...

@aniket: Thanks :)

Sukesh Kumar said...

very well composed!!

ojas said...

whose signature is it ?
moreover why drunkard's game ?
btw beautiful poem :)

Manish said...

awesome man!!

Bhanukiran said...

Yaar a nice poem the first stanza was good but u hurried through the second half which did not allow the feel to sink in. Try elaborating more from the next time.

PS A change of genre will also be appreciated lover boy. Hamesha love pyaar ko chod kar kisi aur ke baare me bhi likha kar :P

Anonymous said...

Nice one:)