Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Piggy's little drops of blood

This is a jingle I wrote for selling pig's blood, as a part of creative writing event in Felicity '09! :D I made up the details on my own.

Straight from the source,
makers of Ham & Pork,
For the tired and the restless,
or a person in pain,
comes to the rescue,
Piggy's little drops of blood,
For the broken hearted souls,
lying on a lonely lane,
comes to the rescue,
Piggy's little drops of blood.
Tangy in taste,
the lovely feeling lingers on,
from frown to a smile,
awesomeness all the while,
taste a drop or two,
see the change it brings in you,

For now and ever,
always to the rescue,
Piggy's little drops of blood.


srijan said...

Seriously Awesome Work... :D
A Real Chartbuster :P

aniket said...

This is eerie. Gives me goosebumps. Makes you feel guilty for a moment that it's a live animal you're killing and eating.

It's like using a cute little calf for a beef advertisement.

I hope you didn't intend to make it comic!

Abhishek said...

@srijan: Thanks :)
@aniket: The topic was about "selling pig's blood"... what else could I have written? I did think of writing about paint and distemper using pig's blood but didn't get many lines for that :(

neuron said...

Advertising/TV Commercial jingles are supposed to short and catchy! I would not be surprised if there is a standardized average-word-limit for a commercial jingle. A nice set of verses is all I would say :) I suppose even the organizers were ignorant of this fact. How would a poem (such a long one) market a freakin' product, nobody has time to listen to such stuff. Even if you give me some money to listen, I may not.

PS: don't be offended re, you know me :D

Gautam said...

Well written...but I can't help feeling weird about the choice of topic.

Abhishek said...

@neuron: I agree. :)
@Gautam: Yeah, the topic was weird, maybe to make things difficult! :D