Wednesday, February 11, 2009


"India won't succumb to pressure in T20 World Cup:
Colombo, Feb 10 (PTI) Expectation would be sky high but players would not allow the pressure to bog them down when India travels to England to defend the Twenty20 World title, star batsman Yuvraj..."
Now, isn't it too obvious that the players shouldn't let the pressure affect their game! Obvious reaction, when not required sometimes does get frustrating (to me!).

Reading the above article reminded me of the debate and discussions that happened after 26/11 incident. On one side, our good leaders (sorry, I don't remember the name in particular!) kept promising that the terrorists and their supporters would be punished and India would fight terrorism. Now, lets be realistic, India can't fight terrorism, at least not alone.
Add to the optimistic remarks of our leaders, the remarks of Pakistani leaders (PM in particular, don't remember the names!) claiming they were in no way responsible for the 26/11 attack, after being blamed for the attack. The blame was backed by evidence (as far as I know).
Now isn't it too obvious, the response from the leaders! After every attack, our leaders promise us that they would be punished and terrorism would stop, but it never does. So their response has become too obvious and irritating. Pakistani leaders were simply trying to deny the claims against them, which again is too obvious.
But terrorism being a serious issue, I didn't get much irritated by the above case, but wondered if ever our leaders would decide to call the shots and declare an open battle, or a secret operation against terrorism. I say, step up and take action rather than giving us false assurance. Why would a human, in their right frame of mind want violence and bloodshed for no reason whatsoever?

Some of the worst cases of obviousness are:
1. A student topping his/her state board or CBSE board or any other board exam, is happy with his/her result.
Obviously, why would the student be sad?!
The only interesting line in the whole article related to this would be that the student thanking God for the splendid performance and taking blessings from his/her parents.
I have read a better version of same kind of article in which the student "wasn't happy" with his/her after getting some 92% in CBSE boards! Now that's interesting! And yes, the reason was interesting...

well, can't remember other cases... but almost everyday in news paper, I find such cases. Sometimes I laugh, while other times I feel irritated!

P.S. The reason I like Joker is because he's not "obvious"! And the reason I like batman even more is because he can judge the "non-obvious" move of Joker.

P.S. Just a random post. You might find it weird and may not completely understand what I've tried to convey.

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