Saturday, December 19, 2009

Episode 8: Exposed !!

Hey, I never got your roll no. in student's list of UG1, found some other UG3 guy named Parth in the list! BTW, what is your roll no.?

Natasha scribbles me a note in the library the next night. This isn't good. Loopholes in my plan are showing. I scribble back.

Of course not. I joined in final counseling round, so my name and roll no. might not have been updated in student's list. Isn't name enough?

The Salsa workshop organizers asked for roll no. and name.

I smile. This is good. :)
After a few minutes, as if taking time to organize her thoughts, she scribbles.

I saw you teaching your batchmates C programming. Why would you teach them?

Okay now, looks like I'm exposed! :(

This may seem strange, but the professor asked me to teach the class what he was teaching. He was sitting in the last row, maybe you didn't get to see him there. It was a punishment!

Evening class?

Yup! Professors are strange people, isn't it? :)

Phew! She seems convinced because she smiles and nods in agreement.

A few days later after the morning lecture, as I walk out of the lecture hall, Anubhav pats me on my back and thumbs up me with a smile as he walks by!
Few girls of my batch look at me from a distance as if I had committed a crime.
I have no idea what is going on.

When I enter the mess during lunchtime, I see whispers starting in some groups while some others just look at me as I take food and sit in a corner. I don't bother because I am getting late for the afternoon lecture.
Arun comes to me and whispers, "She knows, everybody knows."
I look around and see people looking at me and smiling. This is definitely NOT good.

I walk into the library that night, excited as always, to meet Natasha. I reach our place and see Natasha reading a book holding it close to herself. I wave my hand in the air but get no response. I dance my fingers in front of her eyes, no response. :(
I sit and start reading Alice in Wonderland from where I had left it last time. I scribble a note and keep it beside her. The note stays there, reminds me of our first conversation. Feeling disappointed, I continue my reading.
I see her leaving after an hour. I reach out and hold her arm. She glares at me and I slowly release it. She goes back, scribbles something on the note I had kept for her.

"Our conversation is over, forever."

Apparently girls hate when guys whom they like, lie to them. I didn't know she liked me, learnt it later from her friend I met at the IMAX.

"She must really like you. In high school I've seen her slap guys for making a move at her or doing something stupid or nasty to her."
I sat across D at the coffee shop. I had to know the truth after my truth was leaked by Dilip in one of his casual conversations! :(

"I guess I've lost her. I had a plan, it failed."

"You had a what?!"

"Nothing stupid or nasty!" I smiled in disappointment.

I call her several times. Yes, she had given me her mobile no. during one of our conversations while returning to college from IMAX. Now she isn't picking up my call. I spend a fortune SMSing her, my fingers hurt as well. She doesn't come online on gtalk, or maybe she blocked me in gtalk. :(
The next two days I have the worst time of my life. I again start sleeping in lectures because missing her keeps me awake for most of the night. I write poems and play sad songs (Tanhayee, from Dil Chahta Hai).

After a couple of days, during lunch, I rush to computer lab where I work on my projects. As I walk out of my hostel gate and walk a little ahead, I see Natasha walking towards my hostel. It is drizzling and she is carrying an umbrella. I slow down and feel uncertain when our eyes meet. I look away and walk towards her.

"Hey, I'm sorry. Please let me explain. I know I shouldn't have lied to you. But I couldn't help myself. I had to talk to you, because I'm crazy about you. The first time I saw you ..."

She looks at me with a blank stare all this while. Suddenly she moves forward, wraps her arms around my neck. She gently pulls me towards her, her lips touch mine and she kisses me, stopping my confession speech midway. I feel her touch through my wet t-shirt. I wrap her in my arms, and kiss her, trying to do what I had seen hero and heroine do in movies. All this while everyone walking to their class or lab slow down and look at us.

I kiss someone for the first time in my life! :) :D YIPPEE !!


manish said...

Everyone knows that Girls are GIRLS!!
and they will remain GIRLS by their minds even if they go for sex change.
But in your post, it appears to me that GIRLS are worse than JENNY who can believe in ur BULLSHIT.
And what was that ......I FEEL HER THROUGH MY WET T-SHIRT??
What does that mean?? Were you feeling her cuz ur T-Shirt was wet or what?
If someone touches you, you will absolutely feel him/her.
It would have been better if you would have written that you felt her through your soul draped in her love :P
At the end, Better than the previous one :)

Paradox said...

Ended abruptly .. I think.. but still good :-)

divs said...

Got d link of ur blog frm one of my frnd...hey really nice blog....and "just like that!...lovely written...!!!

ghost said...

haha...the first law of attraction : there are no laws :D

Anshul Goyal said...


Anonymous said...

:) !!!

I really enjoyed every bit of it!! apart from the minor edits, i think this is a simple story, very well told.

With a little bit of editing, like, adding more visual effects, like mentioning the acts during conversation. We discussed that.

The Wet t-shirt part was unclear too. Did you mean u sweat ..??

The story flow very well. The transition part was taken care of well. I did not feel lost.
Do give full forms of Jargons Like TA. :)

Thats it. Would love to read more of your stories:D