Sunday, March 28, 2010

No more space

"Hey stop staring at me! I feel guilty. I don't have any more space to accommodate you. I could have stuffed you  somehow but you're not that tasty!"
He looks up from his dinner plate, and keeps it for washing.


Amit said...

Good to know that your taste-buds still work...

HONSHU said...

SOUNDS like JOEY TRIBBIANI saying those lines to me.. :D

I remember a few more-

#joey: "monica, relax, go get a beer"
monica: "i don't want a beer!"
joey: "who said it was for you?!"

#Rachel- "What would you give up, sex or food?"
Joey- "Food..No, Sex..Food..Sex..Food..Sex..OH GOD, I DONT KNOW, I WANT BOTH, I-I WANT GIRLS ON BREAD!"

#Ross: It tastes like feet !
Joey: I like it!
Ross: What?
Joey: Whats not to like?!
Jam - good, custard - good, beef-goooood !


Abhishek said...

@Amit: I do! :)
@Honshu: Yeah, I am quite like Joey! tribbiani, sainani... :D
I don't share my food as well. :)
I am quite dumb... haven't tested my women skills yet! :P

Paradox said...

@Sainani : You think you are like Joey.. :P .. haha.. what a coincidence... coz Joey's timing with women..... oh wait ... no there is no coincidence... you are not Joey :D haha... but it was funny

Abhishek said...

@Paradox: But I want to be Joey. :( Can I be Joey please!! :)

prashant said...

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