Saturday, March 27, 2010

Path of my life

One of my dulla friends (B.Tech + MS by research dual degree program student at IIIT-Hyd) told me about a year ago that the fifth year in college will help us think and plan our life ahead and I think I might have finally decided on what to do with my life !! I'm really excited!
Yes, first and foremost, I'll take all the efforts humanly possible to get enough work done towards MS, get the degree and get out. The uncertainty usually starts then.
Do a job to earn livelihood? Yes, for next one and a half year. Then appear for CAT, get into IIM-A, get a degree in MBA, specialization in Marketing. No, its not the pay package, the knowledge/skills I'd learn, perhaps, but there's one more very good thing about a B-school. Network of alumni and batchmates, perhaps.
I'll then work for a year using the skills learnt in the B-school. I'll then appear for civil services exam, become an IAS officer and serve my country for 10 years.
This would be the end of phase 1.
I'd save enough money and go to Hollywood, become a voice-over artist, work in some sitcoms, and perhaps become a scriptwriter in the process. With fame and money, I'll return to my motherland, and join a medical college, study MBBS, become MD, DM and serve in a village for few years. I hope I have covered all the sought after degree programs in India!
This would be the end of phase 2.
By this time I should have turned 65. I'll then start my own company.
Oh, I forgot about LAW. :( I'll read law whenever I'll get time in the last 40 years.
Finally I'll settle down in my hometown and write an autobiography, which would be a bestseller, making me the best selling author. Hence I'll fulfill my childhood dream!
I missed out on song writing, music composing, cooking, martial arts... life's so short. :'(
And I might also apply to Guinness Book of World Records.


Aniket said...

How about deep sea diving, teaching mountaineering to Pahadi kids in Nepal, improvising the Maori war cry, roaming all over Arunachal Pradesh and writing what you see, killing off a few Pathan militants in Swat Valley and finally overseeing the construction of the Mumbai - Karachi sea link?

Abhishek said...

@Aniket: Man, you're damn right! :( Lost of things left in my list... but what you included seems to be part of your plan :D Is it?

HONSHU said...

oh! you forgot to mention about the website designing,development & the brand commercialization of 'the last warriors'..
& most important,u didn't mention when do you intend to marry. :-o

Abhishek said...

@Honshu: I'm so sorry buddy, I forgot about the 'Fighting falcon and his warriors' website. :(
Yes, that's also in my plan, I'll work on that during weekends. :D
Marriage... I can't talk to any girl properly, how would I be able to talk to my wife! :P :D

@nks said...

reality check ...

dump the ideas after writing a blog post on it.

Anonymous said...