Monday, April 26, 2010

Polo, the mint with a hole

I love polo. I still remember the ad which shows minty air being blown through the hole in a piece of Polo. Mint always helps to refresh and improve one's breath. Sometimes I've popped a polo into my mouth instead of brushing my teeth!
Because of my decent polo consumption, my parents thought I really like polo. I do but whenever I went home on vacation from college, my parents took care to get me a pack with around 24 polo packs. I mean, I loved having polo everyday to class, pop one or two after lunch and dinner. But when I ran out of my polo supply I felt something missing in my life. I missed popping a polo or two in my mouth after a meal.
So, after that when the next time I got the big pack of polos, I didn't feel like having them but had to finish them. The good thing was, I started sharing polo because I had lost interest in it. Others always smiled and accept a polo or two. I can safely say polo has been one of the reasons that has made me realize the happiness one gets by sharing one's stuff with others!

P.S. - Polo is best in its original mint flavor. I tried orange and paan flavor, they sucked !!


Aks said...

I still remember, I would come down and ask for something to eat (u also have good supply of biscuits).Instead you would take out polo's packet :)

Abhishek said...

:P because I wanted to share my polo mint with you. :) :D

Shobhit(h) said...

Ehh- time to have kindey stone (medical checkup) .. the first thought poped up reading your post.

Piyush said...

Seems you wrote this post to get highest page rank for "Polo" searches ;)


Awesome one :) Same with me... POLO rockss