Monday, May 17, 2010

Speling Mistake

You're reading an article. Each next line keeps your interest afloat. You're excited about the content you've read and eager to read more. Out of nowhere, your smooth ride hits a bumpy speed breaker... spelling mistake!
'Dictation' part of the English language period was the scariest part to me. Teacher spoke out the words, and we had to write them down and then submit it to her for correction. I always wished that 'dictation' never happen, but now that I recall I do remember that I also wished I get all the spellings correct. Perhaps that's what keeps me from making spelling mistakes and catching one if it exists. Perhaps that's what pisses me off when I see one.
On my second visit to Salarjung museum, I had a startling revelation. I found spelling mistakes in many labels, especially in the halls displaying cutleries, and weapons. A few errors may creep in, but they were more than few.
Funny thing about spelling mistakes: Not all arrangements of wrong spellings would bother you, only few, as per my personal experience. Especially the ones which look silly. Writing a diary as dairy changes the whole meaning, or field written as feild. Such spelling mistakes can be missed so its not a bother... but writing habit as habbit can be identified and irritating to a person who reads rather slowly and can pick up such mistakes or to someone who reads fast and has a keen eye.
Typos, which is a byproduct of writing through keyboards, aren't a serious issue while casual chatting or exchanging information, but in final draft for a paper or article to be submitted for publication can really bring down the image of the piece of writing. I have seen spelling mistakes in some well written research papers.

P.S. - Wouldn't it bother you if your name's misspelt in some certificate that's given to you?


Paradox said...

I feel like I've become Ted (from HIMYM) when I keep on pointing out grammatical and spelling mistakes... :D

Shwet said...

Atul Dwivedi said...

well I used to lots of meestakes :P .. bt I guess nw they have reduced ;-)

Pravin said...

Is the "Speling" in title intentional !! ;)