Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Thoughts

Whenever I think of Christmas, the first thing that comes to mind is Santa in his red and white dress. And whenever I think of Santa, I think of flying with him in his sleigh! Imagine riding in his sleigh, flying into the night sky, over the city lights. This scene reminds me of Superman and I wish I could also fly like Superman or at least ride in Santa's Sleigh!
Flight is something that fascinates me the most! The closest I've come to 'flying' is flying in an aeroplane but one can't really enjoy the scenic beauty outside by looking through the window of the plane. They should make bigger windows at least!
When I think of such scenic beauty, two things come to mind. One is the hovering clouds in the sky. While sitting in a plane and peeping out, you see the clouds below you and you feel you're actually flying higher than what your eyes could see from down below. The second thing that comes to mind is the earth down below, which looks as if God himself has created a mosaic that we live in and mistake it for forests, farms, buildings etc.
Coming back to Santa, I heard/saw in TV shows that whenever Santa crosses a home from above, he puts the gift in the fire chimney, and next day the gift appears in the stockings! I feel Santa has been doing a pretty good job as the official mascot of Christmas! But seriously, receiving gift feels so good. And you know what feels even more good? To see the happiness in the other person's face when he/she receives and opens your gift.
Christmas is the reason we had winter vacations in school, and for that I am grateful! But to me Christmas is not just about flying with Santa, receiving gifts or enjoying the vacation, its also a reminder that on this day, long time ago, a man was born who has been regarded as God. He was God indeed, for he served Humanity and taught us to live in peace and harmony. He sacrificed himself, he suffered for our sins as the legend goes. Believers say that Jesus will absolve us of our sins. He certainly will, but only for you to start anew a better life, not to start committing sins again! In realitiy, sins can't be absolved completely, but the effect can be balanced out with good deeds.
So while we celebrate Christmas, let us not forget that it is Jesus's birthday and we must gift him something. If nothing else, we can at least live in peace and harmony, and do good to everyone around us. I feel that had we listened to Jesus and followed his path, in other words, the path of goodliness, we might have already established human colonies in Mars, made a fully functional time machine for common people and wouldn't have any poverty. In other words, total progress, because of no time wasted in having bitter feelings!

Merry Christmas everyone! Have a good day! Be a Santa to someone today, and a Jesus to everyone everyday. :)


Anonymous said...

super... :D!!
Started with an action packed scene and end with ur sweetness..
super-like it

subhorup dasgupta said...

Cool post. Merry christmas to you, yours, and your readers too, brother!

Anonymous said...

@Divenita.. I must say that you are growing crazy day by day. For the sake of Jesus, come to your senses.
You never point out the mistakes which Abhi-Shake commits but rather go on applauding him for no reasons.

Coming to you Abhi-Shake:
"A man was born who has been regarded as God." He is considered as the SON of God, not God himself. I don't understand when will you stop circulating the wrong information. You might get angry with me but man, for the sake of young generation, come to your senses.
And what the hell is following:
"I feel that had we listened to Jesus and followed his path, in other words, the path of godliness, we might have already established human colonies in Mars, made a fully functional time machine for common people and wouldn't have any poverty." Was Jesus a scientist who gave you some scientific formulas and you could not deciphered them till date? Work toward making this mother earth green and beautiful rather than thinking of settling on Mars.
As usual,

Anonymous said...

hey!d pioneer anonymous!wat hv u got against "abhi-shake" funny though!
ds is nt a science class in which u try 2 unveil d logic behind thngs r jst meant 2 b enjoyed without using brains,dnt overuse ur grey matter in trying 2 find out a reasn in wat is simply an xpression of people's feelings n nt sm knowlege dissemination forum

n "as usual"
d anonymous who stole ur identity,original anonymous : p