Thursday, December 29, 2011

The middle finger and the thumb

Everyone wants to be the best, right? But one must always remember, that everything has its pros and cons! For example, the middle finger. It stands tall among other fingers and is the 'center' of attraction. However this has lead to some bad experiences for the middle finger. The most common example, if a person has to show his machismo, he uses his middle finger to show how tall his tallest finger is. This confuses me as to how this truly shows the strength of a person!
Thumb has also been exploited in similar ways. Being the fattest finger, it enjoys prosperity as it has good amount of empty space in the hand to spread around and doesn't have to adjust with other fingers. But it is also shown to others to mock them by boasting about thickness of one's thumb, by waving it sideways! Poor thumb. However, it has been used by many for a noble cause as well, to wish good luck. I guess that's why Laughing Buddha is fat, like a thumb amongst fingers, as it signifies good luck and prosperity.
Now you may wonder, being a middle finger or thumb is so much better than the little finger. Agreed, but little finger has its own quality, its the cutest of all!
The index finger seems to be the balanced one. It acts like a leader, but also points things out, in a positive or negative way. And yeah, it got some ego too !!
Best is to be the 'ring' finger! It doesn't meddle with anybody else's business/affairs and keeps to itself in spite of being amongst others. Its rightly chosen to wear the wedding ring because its like a married person !!

When leadership works with talent, we get 'peace'. (index+middle finger).

When leadership works with prosperity, we get happiness. (index+thumb finger) Because that gesture is to urge someone to smile!
The ring finger and the thumb working together doesn't really fit... now we know why a married person doesn't have much prosperity, and we know why !! :P
However, the star and the highlights of one's hand will always be the middle finger and the thumb. Moreover, when the two work together, under the able guidance of the index finger, wonderful things happen! How else do you think you can hold a pen and write?


Anonymous said...

where do u get these weird ideas from?

Anonymous said...

First of all, you stupid git who claims to be anonymous, are not anonymous because you are stupid.

Now, coming back to you Abhi-Shake:
"when the two work together, under the able guidance of the index finger, wonderful things happen!"
It's not the middle finger and thumb which work together to create wonderful things rather it is the index finger and the thumb and if needed, you take the support of your middle finger.
And before I ask you for leave - _|_ (here is my middle finger.) Lick it.

Very unusual,

Raja said...

funny and silly. Good one.

Anonymous said...

@ d supposedly pioneer anonymous
it seems lik sm1 is really angry,my god!u really need 2 learn sm manners in addition 2 joining sm yoga classes or somethng 2 cool off ur much heated mind
or probably its nt ur fault cz ur brain hs probably got charred,marred n scarred frm xcessive heat,such thng happen in lesions of brain u knw-excessive rage
may god giv sm rest 2 ur much worked up soul
n who is stupid?is their sm rule dt u cn either b anonymous or stupid,really ur mind is nt functioning properly
relax bfr u r left wid nuthng xcept ashes of ur heated brain and finally an empty skull

Anonymous said...

Hi Abhishek,
Its funny and something different to ponder over.
A new idea is always welcome and i must appreciate you for your fresh perspective although a little queer for the sane world but keep it alive :)!