Monday, July 22, 2013

The Mighty Sky

I look up at the vast sky spread over me and marvel at its expanse and grandness.
During daytime, I see the white clouds like cotton balls, floating under the light blue sky. If only I could lie on those soft, comfortable looking clouds and ride throughout the blue scape of the sky. I see the sky talking to me, making faces and gestures through the clouds.

At night, I see faintly twinkling starts sprinkled across the sky in vivid formations, showing the sparkly nightlife of the sky. Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed by the depth of the vastness of the sky that if the world could turn upside down, with earth on my head, then I would love the exhilarating feeling of falling into the blackness of the night sky and on my way perhaps touch few starts, maybe take a ride on a shooting star.
I receive both the sun and the rain from the mighty sky. Whenever I look up, its always there, spread over me like a blanket in cold, like an umbrella in rain, unbroken and untorn, with a silent promise to keep me safe and make me feel blessed, if I look up at it in anticipation.

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