Saturday, August 24, 2013

Being attracted to a pretty girl

I have a condition, I've had it ever since my 5 senses and my cognitive abilities became fully functional. I realized I had this condition when I witnessed a pretty girl for the first time. Its called, "Being attracted to a pretty girl".
I think I was 5 years old when it first happened. I saw her and she made me feel like I must have felt when I saw my first sunrise. She had made my life feel so much brighter. I could feel her presence even when I didn't look at her while she was around. Just like the sun her beauty radiated across the room and made me feel all warm and funny !!
From a distance looking at her felt nice and I kept it that way. As soon as I reached school I used to search for her and once I looked at her from a distance I felt good and ready to start my day!
One day I was walking in one of the corridors towards when all of a sudden I heard someone call my name. I turned and there she was, blazing like a sun in front of my face, her beauty too much for me to handle. I started shaking and perspiring. She asked me something and I didn't know what to say because even though I could hear her, I couldn't understand a word she was saying. Good for me, she looked around and found someone else to burn with her beauty. It was difficult to stand in front of her without feeling overwhelmed. But when she walked away, I felt relaxed and the cooling down process felt heavenly, like strolling through a green tunnel with cool wind blowing. I saw her talk to this other guy and it felt nice looking at her from a distance once again. I knew her voice now so I used to speculate what she was saying by playing her voice in my mind.
By the time I reached high school, I discovered that she (the sun) now had a few planets (guys) revolving around her. I used to feel amused looking at the tiny solar system, one of many, in my school. I was used to her overwhelming presence now and didn't need her presence to have a bright day. Priorities had changed and I was preparing for competitive exams to get into a good college, which I eventually did. All this time I was secretly hoping to be a part of some solar system myself in my college.
In school I may not be the planet, but I was a part of the solar system, as a comet. In college, it got worse, from a comet, I became Halley's comet.


Sankalp Chugh said...

halley's comet :) nice one!!

Simply हर्ष ツ said...

^_^ Sainani jaisa koi nai ho sakta! :)

RahulTenany said...

Who's the Sun we're talking about?

Anonymous said...

I second "Simply हर्ष".
Every thing has it's own limit, but Abhishek Say NaN I (simply I'm beyond limits).

Taskeen FB said...

I realized I had this condition when I witnessed a pretty girl for the first time. Its called, "Being attracted to a pretty girl". - :P lol

Good one Sainani!