Monday, January 06, 2014

The end is near

Sometimes I feel that the end is near.
The end of my job/career if I am not working properly or getting much to work on.
The end of my life when I fall badly sick and cough throughout the night.
The end of my happiness when too many good things happen and I wonder if its leading to the beginning of a new curve of sadness.

But that is one way to look at life I suppose. I could never picture the end of my bad habits, negative self talk, lack of physical fitness or abundance of social awkwardness.
It would be terrific to live life nearing the end of all that, isn't it !!

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dr pendyala pradeep said...

Dear Abhishek, I started writing blogs only after reading your posts of great writing skills...this one is not an apt blog on a new year's day...