Friday, August 01, 2014

Dandruff Attack !!

There has been a civil war going on my scalp for almost a week now... the black natives (hair strands) were fighting to stay rooted to their native place (my scalp) against the sudden attack of white terrorists (dandruff flakes) (no racism implied/intended), thus causing unrest and disturbance in the rest of the region as well, including the higher body & mind (me).
Finally an aerial attack of bomb shelling (lemon drops) brought back peace, at the cost of many more fallen black natives... that was followed by egg supply to provide relief to the family members (remaining hair strands) of the fallen black natives so that they don't decide to leave their native place (my scalp)!!
Representatives of the higher body & mind, my hands, made sure the lemon drops and egg supply reached the required areas... the higher body & mind condemns such violent attacks in its capital area (my scalp) and assure the remaining hair strands that a separate committee will be set-up (a phone-call from home) to make sure regular hair-wash is being conducted to prevent such attacks in the future !!

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